Wingspan Portfolio Advisors - A snapshot in Corporate Corruption, Abuse, and Racism

UPDATE:  Wingspan CEO  Steve Horne has been OUSTED after the company failed to make even its FIRST payment on a reported $18.8 million dollar loan. Housing Wire also reports that Steve Horne attempted to regain control of the company and he failed at this measure too. Apparently investors grew nervous about the missed loan payment and other 'questionable' decisions Steven Horne made as Wingspan CEO, including devoting Wingspan's philanthropic resources to the singing career of a family member. It is stated Steve Horne mixed personal expenses with business expenses. 

One notable quote from the Housing Wire article announcing Steven Horne's ouster was this:

“It appears Wingspan does not care for their employees, families nor the community as they also did not inform Brevard County workforce of the layoffs,” one former Wingspan employee at the Melbourne location told HousingWire.

The former employee, who wished to remain anonymous, also told HousingWire that Wingspan created a hostile work environment in Melbourne, which caused clients to abandon the extension of their contracts, leading to the layoffs

Well, well.. It's not news to me that Wingspan took its way of doing business down to Florida and was rebuffed. From my experience, these guys have always done business in a nasty, ruthless manner. Look at the reviews many of their Florida employees have given them. They do business in a "Texas" Fashion which is no holds barred, fuck everyone, profit over people type of fashion and Florida simply wasn't having that shit. They started to lose contracts left and right.

Executives Justin Belter, Melanie Pellegrino, Jason Dickard, and several others (including Director Kevin Conn) all left right before Steven Horne was ousted. They all left around the same time. Suddenly. Out the Blue. Now that sounds like these guys were PUSHED OUT but who knows. That's a strange way to leave all of a sudden. Especially around the same time. From what I heard the bankers wanted entirely new leadership so they most likely were forced out.

Can Anyone say "POETIC JUSTICE" and Can I Get An "AMEN"!

Looks like Justin Belter, Jason Dickard and another Wingspan Executive named Cesar Hernandez have hurriedly started another company called Agility 360 in Carrollton, TX with a fancy website and they are putting out 'press releases' notifying the public they have hired 'each other'  The website is so new it hasn't even been rated by my security software. After reading all of the fancy wording about what this company does I pretty much gather it does a whole lot of nothing. 

According to the Agility 360 Website the company --> "resolves and prevents operational challenges for banks, lenders, insurers and investors resulting from economic fluctuations, regulatory demands, and industry re-positioning. Our unique engagement model increases operational adaptability while reducing financial, operational and compliance risk or exposure.

And again I don't know about you but that sounds like they are doing a whole lot of 'nothing'. Pretty much sitting pretty in jobs where they try to give 'advice' about something they know 'nothing about'. Maybe the flashy website and over the top language will work for them. The poor bastards just might make a good go of it. They are going after big banks after all, and white folks with money aren't known for being the smartest tools in the shed. Some are quite stupid in fact. Just look at how many have been fooled out of large sums of money by Nigerian hustlers. So the large corporations just may send a lot of business their way. They probably won't care that these so-called 'experts' started this company after damn near driving their last company into financial ruin. 

You can read more about Steve Horne's ouster here -->

End of Update

"They've taken off their robes, and now they sit in corner offices in business suits;
however they still think THE SAME"
"For they WILL be evil people. For plain human people, both power and money can corrupt. For corporate "people" with no innate sense of fairness and no instilled morality, the corruption is a certainty."

Be careful about the employment you take. Especially in Texas. A state known for Oil, Cowboys, Start-ups and Crooks.

A bad employer can do more than hurt you emotionally, financially, or cripple any other career prospects. A truly bad employer can make you withdraw from the Job Market entirely. The experience one gains from working with a ruthless and cutthroat employer can leave one permanently scarred.

I speak from experience. More people should speak from experience. I had over several years of work experience when during a period of unemployment after a layoff, I heard about a small company in Carrollton, TX which was hiring for Bank of America as a third party vendor. That small company was Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, located at 4100 Midway, Suite 1110, Carrollton, TX 75007. After interviewing for a position with the company, I was hired on the spot.

The first few weeks working at Wingspan felt ok. The work was not too difficult and the management told us constantly we could become permanent with hard work. So we worked hard. All of us. However, in a short time, I began to notice what I felt were very unethical business practices by the company. I was instructed to lie on more than one occasion when speaking to Bank of America customers regarding loan documents. Management was non supportive and were at times outright racist against the African American employees. I, along with others, started to notice many white employees being hired permanent whereas the black employees were not even though their work was of high quality. Management also became openly hostile to black employees as well.

I left the company feeling disillusioned with Corporate America.

The last few days I worked at the company and I saw the warped mentality and lack of ethics of managers who treated the blacks with such contempt and back-handedness; and it became so depressing I didn't know if I could ever work for another company again.

I had a realization that Corporate America is the white man's domain. It is his world. We only play in it. For the first time in my life, I understand the importance of African Americans to become entrepreneurs in higher numbers than we are currently. We will never be treated as complete equals working for white people in traditional corporate America. No matter our work ethics, values, education or experience we will always be pushed to the second tier. I became resentful of corporate America and to this day liken Corporate America to crooks and crony capitalism.

It took months of health issues from the stress from the job, dealing with the racist comments such as when one of the managers referred to the black employees as "roaches" openly and to one male employee in particular as "nigger". When you experience that you will never get over it. It will mold your perception of white people, especially Southern Rednecks in positions of power, forever.

That is why I wrote this blog. Don't let white people no-matter what titles "THEY" give "THEMSELVES" take your dignity. Stand up for your dignity. At the end of the day, they may take your job, but don't let them take your dignity.

Disclaimer: As we live in a litigious society where Freedom of speech is often threatened and the wronged are "intimidated" into silence, let me add that the views contained within this article and Blog (all posts) are based on the  experiences and observations of the writer and others who have chosen to come forward to let their voices be heard. All comments, descriptions, headings referencing the personal character of Blog subjects and any other subjects on this blog, are based on the personal opinions, experiences and observations of the Blog Writer and other Third Parties who contributed. You are not expected to accept my word as "Hard Fact", but to read and make up your OWN MIND. In the Words of Fox News "I Report and You Decide".

This blog is a personal, informal blog where I converse in a casual conversational tone with you, the reader, as I would a friend being informed of my experiences. Again, all statements are based on my "personal Experiences", and please be reminded that as they are personal experiences, they are factual to me, but you, the reader, are meant to be informed of my experiences and left to decide on your own accord.  

Thank you for reading. 

If You Want Career Advancement, Don't Work For Wingspan Portfolio Advisors

Unless you're not a minority.

Only a favored few can advance at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors. I witnessed this when I would see people, overwhelmingly whites, with no education or experience, advance quickly ahead of minorities who had both the education and mortgage experience. No one really would say anything out of fear of losing their jobs. Justin Belter and Melanie Pellegrino had all power in determining who would move ahead to that next promotion.

I can remember applying with many of my highly qualified minority coworkers for position openings that would become available. One day after clearly being very impressed with my qualifications, the HR Director at the time (Wingspan has gone through several) went specifically to Mr. Belter's office to get his "permission" to promote me. I had never seen anything like that. Isn't HR suppose to make those decisions going off of qualifications? Why didn't the HR Director at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors see something wrong in white males, who consistently had far less qualifications than black employees for the positions they were being awarded, say something? Because he would have been terminated. Good Ol'boys are called Good Ol'boys because they are expected to go along with the program. They benefit as well as everyone in their clique. At the end of the day the HR director of a small, micromanaged company like Wingspan, where the managers are 99% white males, southern born and bred, wanted to keep his job as well. So he simply "followed orders" and overlooked the qualifications of so many hardworking minority candidates who he knew never had even the remotest chance of moving up at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors.

33 year old "Senior VP" Justin Belter
at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors

 I also can't understand why anyone would send the intimate pictures of himself with his spouse smoking "guda" and drinking and getting SLOBBERED back to their boss, the EVP Jason Dickard? I have never seen anyone so close to their boss where they would post this kind of a picture to be seen not just by the EVP Jason Dickard but by ALL STAFF..

Photo Removed as my dignity will not allow me to show the poor woman in such a drunken state.





Way To Keep "It Classy",  Mr. Senior VP..
Why Put Your Wife Out There Like That?

We Could Have Done Without Seeing Your "Gut" dude.. Geez.
Wingspan Sure has high standards in promotions.. 
Is There a Labor Shortage of VP's?

Now who all wants to bet that if a black employee, ANY BLACK EMPLOYEE, at Wingspan would have sent pics of himself and his wife getting wasted like this to our managers, the VP's, that we would have automatically been rewarded not just with one promotion, but two all the way up to a SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT. Damn Near Overnight.

And who all wants to bet that if a black male, had managed to knock up his wife their would have damn near been a public company broadcast to cheer the guy on? Nah.. It wouldn't have happened. While "WE" were busy trying to keep our damn jobs, the white males of Wingspan were living the LIFE. While "WE" were being threatened, harassed and Terminated over any minor issue, The white males were clearly not held to the same standards. There was a serious double standard. 

This is where white privilege comes into play. In Corporate America, white corporate leaders look at younger white male employees as "Sons". There is an race based "affinity" there and because of this they are quicker to excuse errors, character flaws and lapses in judgment and open doors of economic advancement that would not be opened to fellow black employees. Black employees are simply viewed as "employees". The procedural aspect as it pertains to write ups, terminations, evaluations, etc. are mostly for "black employees". The white boys get "babied". They get away with much more. Far more than black employees would ever hope to get away with simply because of their white skin. 98% of Corporate Leaders in this country are WHITE MALES. They simply want people who look them sitting beside them in positions of power at the decision table. For wrong or right, this puts white males at an automatic advantage in corporate America. The "Affinity Advantage". Where everyone in leadership looks mostly like them. And desires them to share their positions of power with.
There are numerous studies on the internet and off which reinforce what I am saying. The power structure in this country has always been exclusively white and male. This creates a tremendous advantage for those starting off who are white and male. They are quickly trusted to handle greater responsibility than those who classify as minorities. Simply because they "Resemble" the existing power structure. That's why you can have scenarios where black employees are told if they leave work without permission they will be terminated, whereas white employees can leave work without permission and not face termination. The rules apply to both. However, they are only enforced with black employees.
For all of the purported "racial progress" we have supposedly made in this country, all one has to do is take one look at the board rooms and corporate leadership across this nation and they will realize America still has a long way to go. These positions are still overwhelmingly filled with WHITE MALES. I'm tired of being offered lower pay and lesser responsibility because I am a black minority than white males with the same and often fewer qualifications than I. Like Malcolm X said they say "go to school and get a degree" and when you get the degree they say "you're over-qualified". And without the degree they say "you're under-qualified". It's like you're damned if you do and damned if you don't if you're not a white male. Justin Belter started off with no experience, had average work quality and in a few years time was made Senior VP. From the pictures posted you can see how he spent a lot of his time. This is WHITE PRIVILEGE. Edward Snowden, the NSA Leaker and high school dropout, who managed to score a job making $122,000 a year with only his GED has NOTHING on this man when it comes to WHITE PRIVILEGE.

During my employment at Wingspan, the white males would literally walk in off the street, get hired (sometimes without even valid ID's), hung over from the night before, bitch all day about how inept management was, leave without permission early which for blacks would be terminable offenses, and HR, Justin Belter, Melanie Pellegrino and Jason Dickard would consistently take these guys and try to groom them for management. These same guys who honestly could have cared less about the job. That was the mindset of Wingspan Portfolio Advisors.

I would observe my white male coworkers not only bitch and moan about management, but become openly hostile with management and they would be coddled. I would observe the quality of their work and see how many people would have to work to correct their work, and yet they kept their jobs and had promotions ready for them if they wanted them.

I would see white employees who had trouble doing the job go under training one, two, and up to three times until they would be transferred to an easier position or have a position created for them. These opportunities were never afforded equally to black employees.

The Human Resources clerk at the time was a black male and he had access to the pay scale of all employees. He stated he became so disgusted at the enormous pay disparity he resigned. He said he simply couldn't work at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors anymore making less than white guys who had less experience and who had just started to work there.This is what many employees did. They just quit. The few who dared to complain had their days numbered. They would quietly be dismissed.

There was not just a little double standard at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors. There was an enormous double standard at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors. This was whispered about in circles by the black employees. We could see what was happening. However, many of us simply wanted to keep our jobs and Wingspan was the type of company that if you complained of racism, they would find a way to terminate you. For any reason. Justin Belter did this to other employees. He watched one black female until she came to work late one minute and he walked over and terminated her employment. On the spot. She had been a good worker. But she had taken exception to the way Melanie Pellegrino had yelled at her and she was tired of the verbal abuse. This was all it took to remove her. This showed the rest of us that we were not expected to have any dignity while working at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors.

These guys were extremely dirty. Very underhanded and cut throat and racist. They held racist biases against blacks, were uncomfortable working with blacks, and were suddenly, thanks to Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, in powerful positions where they managed black employees and where they could act out on their biases and prejudices and wield undue influence in the lives of their black employees. There was a LOT of verbal abuse. Racist jokes. With blacks being referred to once by Melanie Pellegrino as "roaches" and of course Justin Belter calling a black male coworker a "Nigger" forcing the guy to storm out the building.

Yet these guys were promoted. They were white males in Texas and of course they could do no wrong. No one can tell me that there is not a double standard in Texas. Blacks are at the bottom of the Totem Pole when it comes to Promotions, Hiring, Pay, etc. I know that there are good companies out there, however, I do strongly believe that what I experienced while working at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors is reflective of the work experience of many minorities, especially black minorities, who work in the state of Texas. I initially thought that Dallas would have been different. If this is as "good as it gets" in Texas, then I might as well get the hell out because I can't imagine being someplace where the racism is any worse.

I was wrong to believe that the lone one or two black faces in management, that you will find at any company in Texas or otherwise, meant that the company was inclusive of blacks. This is often not the case and these "lone rangers" who have been selected to grace the offices of management at these companies are usually just "Tokens". Tokens to be propped up before a court to show that the company can't possibly be racist. In Wingspan's case there was Kevin Conn. Yet Wingspan was very racist and unbelievably it was usually Kevin Conn they went to and ordered to perform very questionable terminations and other employment related matters when it came to the black employees. This earned Kevin Conn the reputation of a "Snake" in black circles.

I never did get comfortable working under Justin Belter, Melanie Pellegrino or Jason Dickard, because these guys would look at me and other black workers like a deer looks at Headlights. They were clearly uncomfortable working with black people. I now believe, looking back, that they had honestly never really been around blacks. They seemed very uncomfortable and would stand at a distance and stare at us.

I would often see Jason Dickard as well, walking the floor, with a scowl on his face, looking side to side, from black employee to black employee. This too made me very uncomfortable. But I labored on. The black employees of Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, I can honestly say, put forth five times the work as white employees, who were largely nonchalant and laid back. They would play. They would joke with each other. They would come to work out of dress code all the time. And we would later hear that they had been promoted. There would be no fan fare. Just whispers.

The racism at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors was "insidious". It was deeply rooted. Sometimes overt. Very subtle. The constant promotions of the lesser qualified white candidates would be whispered about. This was done on purpose. The company knew what it was doing. This hurt a lot of black employees deeply. Probably more deeply than the pay disparity which was also taking place at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors. I can honestly say that on this one, HR was complicit in the racism because every white employee that started at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, many of them right out of college, working alongside black employees who also held college degrees and had years of mortgage experience as well, started off at a much higher pay rate than what we were earning.

These white employees were open about their salaries. They must have thought we all were making what they were. They were naive. Or maybe they weren't and they simply didn't care about the company being sued because of the pay disparity.

The problem with the HR Director going directly to Mr. Justin Belter, who was in his mid 20's at the time, far younger than many others he "managed" who also happened to have far more experience than he did in "everything" pretty much was that Mr. Belter was friends with several of the white males and he was uncomfortable with blacks. Justin Belter also had a reputation for being openly hostile to black employees, even referring to one black male as a "Nigger" forcing the guy to explode and quit on the spot. This resulted in many of the individuals getting promoted, as stated above, having less qualifications than blacks. Some of these people could barely speak a coherent sentence.

At Wingspan Portfolio Advisors my white coworkers were consistently moved ahead of me, and not just me, but many other minorities with relative ease. The position I had applied for with several other highly qualified black candidates went to a white G.E.D. recipient who had a criminal background, absolutely no mortgage experience and who "enunciated" like she was educated in the back of a Barn; and to boot she had an absolutely awful attitude. She was argumentative with everyone and nasty with everyone. Go Figure.. She won out for the promotion over several minority candidates who had more qualifications than her in every category one could imagine.

This is what we experienced working as black employees for Wingspan Portfolio Advisors. SHEER RACISM. 

I take it that very small, redneckish companies work far different than the much larger established ones where one's merit, experience and education holds more weight.

After Being Allowed to Play God with the Career Advancements of many of his higher (than himself) qualified minority subordinates, this guy jet sets off to a beach in Mexico.. When the vast majority of minorities working for Wingspan were without vacation time, sick time, health insurance and where we were constantly threatened if we missed "One Day" of work we would be terminated. Yet this guy starts with all the rest of us and because he is one of the "FEW" white guys working at Wingspan at the time, he is essentially quickly promoted to be an Overseer of all the rest of us who were even more highly qualified than he was..


If you are one of the JP Morgan Folks out of Florida, Welcome to the Texas Way of Doing Business.
Wingspan Portfolio Advisors is again, a "very" small company where the management team are all related and very insulated from policies, rules and procedures other team members down the chain have to follow.

For the HR director to essentially overlook my qualifications, so that my lesser (than myself) qualified manager could pick and choose which "favorites" would get promoted showed that you cannot expect fairness at this company.

No matter the lies they consistently give in those meetings they have every 15 minutes which are often about nothing, where they often repeat what they said in the meeting 15 minutes prior; don't believe a word of it. These guys can't be trusted to do what's right. It's just a bunch of classless rednecks parading around as cultured and educated individuals and this couldn't be farthest from the truth.

My Racist Company Fires Minorities. What Can I Do About It?

by CBSNews

Dear Evil HR Lady, I work for a small family business where HR functions are handled by accounting and the department manager. I manage a very small workforce that contributes a great deal to the bottom line. I have recently conducted interviews for a position that is soon to be available. The problem is that the best candidate is a minority, and the owners of the business are racist. They are not overtly racist, they just put the microscope on every minority I hire, especially minority women. My direct supervisor is not a member of the family, but everyone else above me is. I feel that I would not be helping this candidate to hire her since I can guarantee that I will be asked to terminate her before her probationary period ends for "unsatisfactory performance." If I do not hire because my higher ups are racist, then am I guilty of discrimination? I have decided to hire the most qualified person, who is a minority, but I can count the calender days until I am instructed to terminate. What do I do?

Well, this is a sticky situation, isn't it? If the economy were humming along at full speed, I'd tell you to forget about these losers you work for and find a new job. Employers who don't treat their employees fairly soon end up without any good employees, because the good ones leave. That will happen to these people eventually, but in a bad economy, it's easier to keep people who normally wouldn't put up with you. However, I would start looking for a new job anyway because this isn't a place you want to be associated with.

But for the here and now, you need to take control of the situation. Your department contributes to the bottom line. That means other people are dependent upon your work for their paychecks. That gives you some leverage. Let's use it.

First, you need to have clear, objective, quantitative measures for success. This is a critical point. It needs to be established, in writing, what is expected of the new hire. Personally, I'm a fan of SMART objectives. These are objectives that are:

S--Specific M--Measurable A--Achievable R--Relevant T--Time Frame

Once you've written these up, get them approved by your boss and (to be safe) your boss's boss, who is part of the racist family. You need to have their approvals in writing, so that when the time comes you can effectively defend your new hire. Be careful with the SMART objectives: Make sure they're what you want to live and die by, because you'll have to do just that.

With the SMART job objectives in hand, go ahead and make an offer to your best candidate. Go over the details with her and explain that in the past many people have been terminated during the probationary period. Explain that these objectives are new, that they are designed to make sure everyone is on the same page, but again, that other people have been terminated during the probationary period. (And not that you asked, but I really dislike probationary periods. Having a probationary period says, "There will become a time in which you are no longer an at-will employee," but we'll deal with that some time in the distant future.)

To be fair to the candidate, you need to let her know that there is a possibility she'll be terminated. This is especially important if she's leaving another job. Explain that this is not going to be an easy job and that the family sometimes has a hard time accepting outsiders.

Then bring the candidate on board and work with her to make sure she meets the SMART objectives. If the powers that be want to fire her, you'll have solid evidence in your little hand that she has met all of the objectives. When they say, "But it's the probationary period, we can fire anyone at any time," you can say, "Yes, that's true, but this function is critical for the bottom line of the company. If I terminate someone who is clearly meeting the objectives we all agreed on, it's going to look like racial or gender discrimination. If she sues, we'll most likely lose, because how would we defend ourselves? Terminating her would be a poor business move, since she is meeting all the objectives."

Using the "we" form instead of "you" will help soften the blow that you're telling these people they're racist idiots. In fact, they probably won't pick up on it. All you're saying is that it "looks" like discrimination. If they still insist that she be terminated, this is where you need to draw your line in the sand. You need to refuse to terminate the person.

If the family wants to terminate, fine. But, don't you dare be the one who delivers the news. Why? Because often a defense in discrimination lawsuits is that the company can't possibly be racist/sexist/ageist/whateverist because the same person who hired did the firing. The argument is that if there were a problem with illegal discrimination, the person never would have been hired in the first place. Don't give them the opportunity to hide behind you.

I realize that this opens you up for termination. This stinks. But remember, you're a strong contributor to the bottom line. Remind them of that. Stand firm. Don't give in to the temptation to do something wrong to preserve yourself. Sometimes, you've just got to do what's right. News Link
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Wingspan Portfolio Advisors Sued For Discrimination, Retaliation & Abuse of Its Black Employees

Denny et al v. Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, LLC

Plaintiffs:Roslyn Denny  and Bonita Winslow 
Defendant:Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, LLC
Case Number:3:2011cv01094
Filed:May 24, 2011
Court:Texas Northern District Court
Office:Dallas Office
Presiding Judge:Sidney A Fitzwater
Nature of Suit:Labor - Other Labor Litigation
Cause:28:1332 Diversity-Employment Discrimination
Jurisdiction:Federal Question
Jury Demanded By:


Access Link Below For More Information:

The Ugly, Racist Truth About Corporate America Black People Know But Won't Admit

Black women are disproportionately affected by unemployment in the U.S. According to the Labor Department, the economic gains made within this country have largely bypassed black women. We aren't speaking of uneducated black women. We are also speaking of the many college educated black women looking for work in the labor market. There is still prevalent racial discrimination facing women of color but that's not all that black women are facing. Black women also face a process I've coined as "corporate steering". This is a process by which a highly qualified, highly experienced, highly educated black female is 'steered' into lower paying positions by corporate recruiters, HR Directors and Management. This happens a lot. One of the most disheartening things I've witnessed about living in the State of Texas is the high number of black women who have all of these qualifications and who are working in jobs paying a little over minimum wage. Most give up. Most know that deep down there is a strong racial component to the fact they have not been able to progress up the corporate ladder as white males and even white women, but they have learned to remain silent. They are angry although they are silent. I do believe this silent anger is driving the increase among black women into Entrepreneurship. Even with their tremendous qualifications, most find themselves earning so much less than their non-black counterparts, entrepreneurship becomes all the more alluring to them.

Personally, I have several friends and family members who have launched their own businesses and I have been proud to support their endeavors. Black entrepreneurship needs to be promoted within our communities. It has to be promoted if one day we are to turn these numbers around.

Black people need to take back our communities. It's time we started promoting and supporting black owned businesses. I am mystified why many African Americans have not been able to draw the correlation between black business ownership and economic self-sustainment. Living in Texas I have seen so many of my fellow African Americans treated like shit by these corporations. They areoften the last hired and first fired and even when working they face overt and sometimes hostile racial discrimination in the workplace as well as lower pay for equal work. If they all started suing these corporations, the courts would be clogged with lawsuits.

Something has to change. I am beyond anger and I am simply mystified at why blacks allow this treatment. We must take our dollars and spend it amongst our own. I was recently talking to a young Hispanic recruiter and in a moment of brutal honesty she told me that when black people come into the agency, they are usually offered very low paying jobs regardless of their skill set. She admitted this to me! She was a recruiter out of the Houston, Texas area. I have another friend who worked at a temporary staffing firm and she told me that blacks are usually offered all of the minimum wage jobs and the agency does not ever offer them corporate work, regardless of their experience or qualifications. She also said that when employers request workers for office positions or highly skilled positions, they also specifically request the workers by race and they ask for White, Asian or Hispanic. Never Blacks.

This type of racism is still prevalent in 2015... which is very sad. I simply don't know what can be done about this. I don't think racism will ever go away. I am not an idealist. I believe so long as we have a difference in the races (white, black, asian, etc.) the more crowded this country becomes, the more resources start to become stretched within this nation between the varying groups, racism will probably increase.

To Read More About Karen Mcleod (Depicted in Video) Please Click Here

The Infinite One

Hyde School Withdraws From MPA Tournament Due To Ongoing Racism Directed At Black Ball Players

Hyde School Withdraws From MPA Tournament
Due to Racism.

BATH, Maine —A boarding school that draws students from all over the world is giving up one of its most anticipated events of the year to take a stand against racism.

Hyde School officials said the boys basketball team will no longer play in the Maine Principals Association tournament, which brings thousands of fans to Augusta each year.

Officials said the decision weighed heavy on the hearts and minds of many, but the issue is greater than the game.

“We felt that the right thing to do would be to hang onto all of the great things that have happened at the MPA, but to move on to a different league,” said Laura Gauld, head of the school.

Gauld said the decision came after concerns about biased officiating and racial discrimination, both of which happened in the team’s final game in February.

“A lack of tolerance at times with racial overtones to young people, who all they’re doing is working hard to try to get to a tournament,” Gauld said. “We felt that we could no longer look our students in the eye and say, ‘Turn the other cheek.’”

MPA Executive Director Dick Durost said he became aware of the officiating concerns shortly after the game and said they were addressed.

He said no one in the MPA was told about the racial comments.....

ISIS Massacre, ISIS Must Be Stopped

WARNING: Graphic.


Wingspan Portfolio Advisors Ousts CEO and Executives While Escalating Layoffs

To the potential customers of Agility 360.. You should be nervous about doing business with these guys. They all were Wingspan Portfolio Advisors Execs and Wingspan was left a HOT MESS with an ousted CEO and massive layoffs. The company is struggling to survive.

Are you sure you want to give THESE GUYS --> Agility 360 <-- your business? I wouldn't trust these guys with managing a taco stand, let alone a multi-million dollar business.

Wingspan continues Massive Layoffs

When Wingspan Portfolio Advisors purchasedJPMorgan Chase’s (JPM) customer service center in Monroe, Louisiana in September 2013, the company gave 400 JPMorgan employees who staffed the Monroe office the opportunity to continue their employment.

Wingspan also promised to bring 900 more jobs to the area.

In October, Wingspan laid off hundreds of employees in the Monroe location, leaving only an estimated 100 employees at the former JPMorgan call center. According to a report from The News-Star in Monroe, Wingspan on Tuesday gave 60-day notices to the roughly 100 employees that still remained at the Monroe location.

“It's unclear how many, if any, Wingspan employees will remain in Monroe,” the News-Star wrote in its report.

Wingspan Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Industry Relations Guy Davis told HousingWire that the layoffs are the result of the company’s lack of projects for the Monroe employees.

“Because of the nature of our services for large financial institutions, we often have to quickly staff large projects and just as quickly wrap up specific contracts,” Davis said in a statement sent to HousingWire.

“Many projects have finite terms or scope, and we try to manage to have replacement projects in place to prevent disruptions in employment, Davis continued. “We currently do not have additional projects for impacted employees to move to at this time and will be reducing staff in Monroe, effective 4/30/15. We are committed to helping our impacted employees find additional work through onsite job fairs and other transition services.”

Wingspan went through several rounds of layoffs last year. In addition to the Monroe layoffs, Wingspan also laid off employees at its Melbourne, Florida location and hundreds of employees at a location in Frisco, Texas.

Additionally, Steve Horne, the founder, CEO and president of Wingspan Portfolio Advisorswas replaced as the leader of the company he founded in 2008.

Feds: Black and Hispanic Motorcycle buyers faced racial discrimination, inflated interest rates by Evergreen bank and dealers

Motorcycles seem to conjure up a feeling of independence and convey that image of the wind in your face and the freedom of the open road.

But for some that image was tainted amidst allegations of racial discrimination and financial exploitation.

That's because one of the largest motorcycle financing banks in the country systematically discriminated against thousands of African-American and Hispanic customers, overcharging borrowers inflated interest rates -- rates that were not based on credit-worthiness or any measure of risk according to federal authorities.

Evergreen provides thousands of motorcycle loans through 400 motorcycle dealers located in all 50 states, including Arizona.

Government prosecutors say Evergreen’s policies and practices allowed dealers to mark up interest rates on motorcycle loans in a hidden manner and not based on the borrower’s credit-worthiness or other objective criteria related to borrower risk.

From at least January 2011 to March 2014, Evergreen, through its FreedomRoad Financial operations, charged 1,500 Hispanic borrowers and 700 African-American borrowers higher interest rates for their motorcycle loans because of their national origin or race, the complaint alleges.

The average victim was obligated to pay over $200 more during the term of their loan. 


The feds say Evergreen kept part of the profits it earned from the inflated interest rates they charged Hispanics and African-Americans and it paid the remainder to the motorcycle dealers. 

The DOJ declined to identify the dealers who got paid.

As a result of their policies and procedures, prosecutors say Evergreen created financial incentives for dealers to mark up borrowers’ interest rates above those established based on the consumer’s credit-worthiness or other objective criteria related to borrower risk.

The government says Evergreen's actions violated the Equal Credit Opportunity Act or ECOA .

Fannie Mae Slammed With Racial Discrimination Lawsuits Across The Country For Maintaining Homes in Primarily White Neighborhoods While Neglecting Homes in Minority Areas

Toledo is joining nearly three-dozen other U.S. cities in racial discrimination complaints against Fannie Mae. 

The Toledo Fair Housing Center claims the federal government-backed lender is spending more resources to maintain and market foreclosed homes in white neighborhoods than in predominantly black and Latino areas. 

The agency wants Fannie Mae to provide grants that would be used to help stabilize the blighted communities.

Read more:

Fannie Mae Accused of Racial Discrimination in Palm Beach County Florida

The Fair Housing Center of the Greater Palm Beaches filed a discrimination complaint Wednesday against federal mortgage backer Fannie Mae for neglecting foreclosed homes in minority communities.

The center filed the complaint with the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in conjunction with theNational Fair Housing Alliance and 18 other fair housing organizations.

An investigation by the Fair Housing Center of the Greater Palm Beaches of 24 foreclosed homes owned by Fannie Mae found that 44 percent of the properties in minority communities had trash or debris on the premises....

A Disturbing Truth. Black Man Vs. White Man Carrying AR-15 Legally In America. Black Man Held At Gun Point Immediately. White Man "Asked" for An Explanation with No Guns Drawn.

Providence Journal Writer Madeline Kahn Eloquently Explains Why All White Americans Are Inherently Racist

The common definition of racism does not address and explain the underlying cause of racial inequity in our society. In order to accurately reflect what racism truly is, as definitions should, the systemic realities of racism must be recognized.

The historical, cultural, and political dynamics of the United States were designed and maintained to consistently provide whites an advantage at the expense of people of color. By virtue of being the recipients of such benefits, irrespective of our individual prejudices, or lack thereof, the white population is racist. Yes, all white Americans are inherently racist.

We are raised in a culture that values white achievement above all else. We are taught history from a white perspective. Our textbooks tell us of the achievements of our white Founding Fathers and those of their successors. When people of color are identified in American history, they are introduced as products of actions of whites.

Each year, we learn about the same handful of African American figures: Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., Langston Hughes, W.E.B Du Bois, and Frederick Douglass, but they seem to only be included by obligation rather than for their great achievements. The emphasis and importance placed on white history has fostered a culture of white privilege.

Growing up as a white American, I have been able to identify the benefits I’ve received from this biased culture. My intelligence is not questioned by virtue of my race. If I am pulled over by a traffic cop, I know it’s not because of my race. I have the ability to remain ignorant of the language and customs of cultures outside of my own without worry or fear of rejection by my culture.

When I enter the workforce, I know I will receive 25 percent more money than a Hispanic or Latina woman for the same job. I have a 17 percent higher chance of graduating from high school than a black student. I know I have much of a lesser chance of becoming a victim of police brutality than does a person of color. As a white person living in a society that intentionally oppresses people of color, I receive benefits from belonging to the dominant race, thus contributing to systemic racism.

One may make the claim that not all white individuals are racist because many people advocate for racial equality. What people commonly think of as racism is actually prejudice. Although people may be helping to combat racial prejudice, they are still racists themselves since they are still benefiting from white privilege. Racism in the United States has been so ingrained in our society that it has become systemic, and impossible to eradicate.

If we want to change the dynamics of our country and minimize racial inequity, it is vital that the white population realize the truth about racism; the white population must recognize its place in the systemic racism of the United States in order to lower racial bias and make the country a more equal place..........

Original Article appeared in the Providence Journal
Written by Madeline Kahn

And the Postal Worker was fired. The woman assaulted him and did not do a day in jail.

Fighting Economic Racism In America

Combating Economic Racism In America

There are many different manifestations of racism in America and throughout the world. But there is not a more insidious form of racism in the United States today than "economic racism."

Some scholars on the historical etymology of the term racism have proffered that it can be both, intentional or unintentional, while the results produce exactly the same terrible harm and injury to its targeted victims. But I believe, however, that economic racism is premeditated, deliberate, calculated and solely intentional.

For example housing racial discrimination is intentional. It is not an accident or the so-called unintended consequence of racial bias or prejudice. Millions of Black Americans are experiencing financial hardship today at a significantly higher percentage rate than other racial groups as a direct result of housing discrimination and the systematic denial of access to home ownership.

From Ferguson, Mo. to New York City to North Charleston, S.C. to Baltimore, there continues to be a pattern of fatal police brutality. Yet, what is not sometimes focused on is the undergirding consignment to poverty and economic inequality of the Black American community that gives rise to wanton police violence and misconduct.

I defined economic racism as the intentional racial discrimination against Black Americans and other people of color to prevent economic equality, justice, parity, advancement, and empowerment; it is the systematic racial exclusion of Black Americans and other people of color from economic policy-making at local, state and national levels in both corporate and governmental entities; and, it is the economic institutionalization of racial oppression, stereotyping, and profiling coupled with the ignorance of racial prejudice and hatred.

Recently, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) under the leadership of Congressman G.K. Butterfield released a national study titled, "Economic Challenges in the Black Community." The research document was prepared last month by the Democratic staff of the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress.

The following eight highlights of the study substantiate the devastating impact of economic racism on Black America:

One-in-three (33 percent) Blacks in their late teens and one-in-five (20.2 percent) Blacks in their early 20s are unemployed .High unemployment rates among young African Americans early in their careers can hurt their long-term employment and earning prospects.

To Read More Click Here: Original Article At

Judge Allows Lawsuit Alleging Violation of 14th Amendment For Hospitals To Charge Insureds And Uninsureds Different Rates

The Montana Supreme Court has revived the case of a woman who says it's unfair for hospitals to charge different rates to treat insured and uninsured patients.

The high court reversed District Judge James Reynolds' decision last year to throw out the case challenging the agreements hospitals make with insurance companies to set discounts for the companies' customers.

The justices ruled 4-1 Tuesday that Reynolds didn't address all of plaintiff Jessica Gazelka's arguments on whether those discounts discriminate against uninsured patients.

Montana hospitals can negotiate agreements with insurance companies that set discounts for the companies' customers. The law allowing the practice is the Montana Preferred Provider Agreements Act.

Gazelka, an uninsured 23-year-old woman who was in a car accident in 2010, sued St. Peter's Hospital over the Helena hospital's preferred provider agreements.

Uninsured patients are charged more for the same medical care as a result of the agreements, she argued. She asked a judge to rule the agreements violate the Montana Constitution's equal-protection provisions.

Attorneys for St. Peter's Hospital responded that the insurance company agreements have nothing to do with the amount Gazelka was charged, and that they are beneficial because they help lower cost through more efficient-care delivery.

The hospital argued that ..... read more here:

Bardstown Sheriff Ed Mattingly Expresses Relief The Suspect Shot By His Deputy "Was White", Before Calling The American Public "Misinformed"

Bardstown Sheriff Ed Mattingly gave a press conference on the recent shooting of car chase suspect John Kennedy Fenwick, who crashed three police cars and then tussled with a police officer while trying to take his gun, and said he "thanked God the suspect was white". He then went on to call the American Public 'stupid' and to blame the media for agitating the public in recent high profile police murder cases.

Well, well... Sheriff Mattingly the suspect is glad he is white too. If not, he would been shot seven times with four bullets going into his back. Then he would have been handcuffed and told not to move why bleeding to death.

And Yes!!! Damn the media for misleading the public by showing unarmed blacks shot in the back, 12 year old blacks with airsoft guns shot without the slightest hesitation, or black men choked to death with illegal tactics for selling cigarettes.

This guy is a braying donkey and the fact that he is in charge speaks volumes about the core problem.

<How to make the black guy the bad guy even when he's not involved 101>

They'll never get it. Not a single one of these moron cops will ever get it.

Rural Bardstown Kentucky has less than 12,000 people, and this redneck doofus is standing in front of bunch of microphones with his Homeland Security style graphic backdrop just as smug as a pig in shit that one of his ol' boys got to shoot someone (but luckily not a blah person cause you know how they are, amirite? Amirite? You betcha!)

There should be ZERO police shootings in a town of 12,000 people; black white or whatever. None, ever. And if god forbid there is one I want the Sheriff to be sorry and upset that one of his deputies had to resort to the use of deadly force, not giddy that he got his 15 minutes of fame and opportunity to offer a cracker's version of race relations in America. I certainly don't expect them to create a goddamn YouTube video with zippy intro titles and a freaking soundtrack.

These people are emotionally under-qualified to push a broom, much less be given guns and the authority to use them.

First Lady Michelle Obama Gives A Riveting Speech At Tuskegee Graduation About The Racism Black Graduates Will Face.

First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks Of The Racism She and President Obama
Has Faced In Life in Graduation Speech to Tuskegee University
As a black American I am so proud of the First Lady for her courage in speaking about the racism she and President Obama have faced in her speech to the 2015 Graduating Class of Tuskegee University, a historically black college in Alabama. It's so easy to think successful African Americans were somehow able to bypass being discriminated against, however, I've learned they simply did not let it keep them down.

I reflected on my own experience with racism while listening to First Lady Michelle Obama speak. She spoke about the times her and the President were at Galas and were assumed to be "the help" by others attending. She spoke of being followed in retail establishments by clerks who assumed because she was black she would steal. She spoke of being referred to as "Barack's Baby's Momma" by Fox News and she warned the Graduating class that they would encounter many in society who would never consider the fact that they were college graduates and who would treat them as if they were ignorant and unintelligent because they were black.

This last statement mirrored my experience while living in Texas. Michelle Obama made the powerful statement that no matter how excellent many blacks are, it will NEVER BE ENOUGH to be considered EQUAL by those whose minds and hearts are stuck in the past.. those who have a narrow minded view of the world. This hit home. WOW. What a powerful statement from a powerful woman. I admit I struggled for a long time with the concept of fairness and equality in America after seeing so many African Americans pushed into lower rung, lower responsibility jobs in Texas while seeing white counterparts with far less skills and qualifications taken by the hand and 'groomed' for the Executive Suite. That angered me so much and for a long time I absolutely hated America for I found America to be a great hypocrite. A liar. But it's not America. It's certain groups of people in this country who still hold to abhorrent bigoted views and they will not let go of those views. They have decided to take that hatred with them to their graves. These are the people who walk around Corporate America like they own the damn world. White males who are fully aware of the racial divide within this country and how they are benefiting from it.

I've learned not to let the racism I face in this life change me. Break me. I've learned that I must simply rise above it. We all must rise above it.

One way I've taken control of my life and buffered myself against racism is by becoming an entrepreneur. We live in the internet age. There are unlimited opportunities for wealth generation with very little capital and we must seize these opportunities. As African Americans we must look upon the internet (and the free market) as great "Equalizers". For these two can FREE US from the BONDAGE of having to work in a white male dominated corporate structure where our efforts are disregarded repeatedly by those who refuse to recognize our worth. Regardless of our qualifications.

As African Americans we MUST become financially independent. We MUST look beyond America as well. Not just for economic opportunities but for homesteads also. There are other places in this world with much less racism.

Notable Statements From Speech.

Watch the Entire Speech Below.

Dover Police Officer Thomas Webster IV Caught Kicking Lateef Dickerson, a black male, In The Face Knocking Him Unconscious

The Actual Abuse appears at minute 2:22 of the video. Warning. Explicit Language.

This statement from the Huffington Post Article is further proof that our criminal justice system is rigged, and a complete joke. ----> "A previous grand jury declined to indict Webster in March 2014, and the U.S. Attorney's Office, after reviewing the case, found no violation of Dickerson's civil rights."

It wasn't until the ACLU sued Dover to have the  video released that charges were 'suddenly brought' even though this is the exact same video the Dover D.A. and grand jury had already seen. Yet now the only difference is that the PUBLIC will see it. Shows how rigged and injust our system is doesn't it?

White men will ALWAYS abuse the rights of black men because they don't believe black men should have any rights. At all. Whatsoever. Just look back at our history if you think I'm lying.

To be redirected to Original Huffington Post Article, click here.

Wingspan Portfolio Advisors Blogspot

Failed Wingspan Portfolio Advisors Execs Start New Company in Carrollton Texas Called Agility 360


Wingspan Portfolio Advisors CEO, Steve Horne, and Several Execs, Justin Belter, Jason Dickard, Melanie Pellegrino, Kevin Conn and others have all been FORCED INTO RESIGNATION by the financiers of several of Wingspan's FAILED PROJECTS. This all came about when Wingspan Portfolio Advisors started to MISS LOAN PAYMENTS.

Several of these FAILED EXECUTIVES, who have a history of showing FAILED LEADERSHIP, Justin Belter, Jason Dickard and others have jumped ship and rushed to start another company, called Agility 360. Here's its website -->

Not quite sure what this company does but it has presented itself as a "leader" in mortgage products. Funny how these guys were forced into resignation but now they are 'experienced leaders'. To be totally truthful many of these WIngspan Portfolio Advisors Execs had FABRICATED their backgrounds when promoted at Wingspan. Steve Horne had them 'REPACKAGED'. Justin Belter and Melanie Pellegrino went from overnight having NO MORTGAGE EXPERIENCE to suddenly being "Experienced Execs" on their company created LinkedIn Pages with YEARS of experience. What a LIE. A COMPLETE FABRICATION. These guys were a couple of bucks over being minimum wage EMPLOYEES and Steve Horne desperately needed to present them as having experience to win contracts with major banks. I worked with them. They didn't know what the HELL THEY WERE DOING.

But this is what they do know how to do..

MARKETING. They are MARKETING GENUISES and if they learned NOTHING at Wingspan Porrtfolio Advisors they learned how to take a bullshit lie and repackage it into being the most believable thing ever. I have learned a lot from them. From observing how they operate.

Now get this.. They have thrown up a fancy website and had no doubt a  PR firm write their bios for them. Take things they know no one would ever check and completely put a spin on it. They've given THEMSELVES TITLES (I laugh at this statement but honestly its how white boys operate). They start a company and give themselves and "their friends" high titles and even if the company fails they can forever use those 'fancy titles' of 'nonexistent job duties' to push themselves forward to the world as 'experienced execs'.

I once heard someone say that white men do this all the time. They get tired of working for others and  so they will work in an industry for a few years and then promote themselves as being 'experts' and that way they charge their own fee and can completely have their backgrounds untraceable. These guys don't have to go through average employment checks when they create the company that supposedly employed them and gave themselves titles.

So in a nutshell this is what Steven Horne did.. He created a company (Wingspan Portfolio Advisors). He either didn't have the extra money to pay for 'experienced' execs or he didn't want to pay for experienced execs. So he took inexperienced personnel and decided to promote them to the world as experienced. He had a PR firm create fantastic 'backgrounds' for these inexperienced workers and suddenly they all found themselves making four times as much as walking around with 'titles'.

Now these same employees, too inexperienced to be hired by another company who might 'fact check their backgrounds' simply decide to 'hire themselves' when shit hits the fan at their first company. They issue press releases when they hire 'each other' for various jobs and even when they hire 'themselves'.. lol.

It's the way it works.. In this world.. of Frauds, Cons, and Scams of various sorts. You do what you have to do to survive.

Black Woman Spit On By Racist White Man in Assault Caught On Tape

And those black men standing there didn't do shit about it. Where are these wimps from? Texas? The black men in Texas seem to be scared to death of white men. I've seen so many white men behave in such a despicable fashion as this, especially in the South. They honestly feel mistreating and denigrating a black person like this is ok because no one should care. 
We have much more progress to do in this country.

Corporate HR Departments Are Shifting Policies in An Effort To Avoid Potential Employment Litigation

Growing up my mother would always tell me to keep copies of any paperwork exchanged between myself and my employer, in case a dispute of any sort should arise. Eventually, as I grew older, I understood that organizations such as the EEOC and the ACLU requested this documentation as well. However, in around 2010 I started to notice a difference in how companies disciplined employees and how they administered write ups and disciplinary notices. The company I worked for, which was a Fortune 500 corporation, suddenly changed tactics and they no longer gave paper documentation to employees of write ups or disciplinary notices employees had to sign. My company switched to a 'digital system' where each employee would sit down in front of a computer, beside a manager and go over aspects of their job performance that needed to be improved and they had to type their signatures in a computer database to show they had received this notice, however, we were never allowed to have copies. We also were not allowed to type statements explaining our point of view. The programs were designed to forbid this activity. I asked my manager for a copy of a notice I was given and was promptly told "We don't make copies of this". How odd. Eventually, my company changed the emails of all managers and even HR personnel and employees no longer had access to this information either. If we had a concern or a complaint on the job we had to go speak verbally to a manager. Yet there was never a record because we were no longer allowed to have the emails.

I eventually left that employer and went to work for another Fortune 500 company within the Dallas area. I quickly found out that at my new employer we could not print anything at all. The printers all had codes which only the managers were given and to print we had to go to a  manager and have them print for us. We also were not allowed to send emails from our company accounts to our personal accounts (or vice versa) and we were not allowed access into the company accounts from home. So any commendation of any sort we were given we would have no record of it once we left the firm. So in case we were fired or snagged between an employment dispute we could not adequately prove our sides. I had this happen to me when I previously had to file for unemployment. The unemployment wanted records of my commendation emails (of which I had received several) and I could not provide them because my company had a no print policy and they didn't want anything at all in writing.

So all communications between an employee and his manager or his Human Resources office stays within the company and ultimately it will be a case of 'he said, she said' and from my experience companies LIE. Human Resources directors often fudge the truth or outright lie and managers do as well. They will often say anything to save their own hides and if they know you don't have the documentation they will claim ignorance or say it didn't happen.

This leaves the employees in a difficult situation and shows a deep lack of trust between the company, its managers and its lower level employees.