Minister Louis Farrakhan Breaks Down the Imbalance of Power Between Black People And Their 'White Friends'

'They are like snakes who haven't grown venom yet'. 

"See they want homogenized black people. You shake up the bottle and it's still remain the same.
With white folk on top and you always serving them. That is not what God wants.
Your time to serve your slave master and their children is up but you don't recognize that.
So he's trying to show you - I don't want you.
What you desire don't mean nothing to me."
The Minister Spoke It!

I've seen this so often! Where white kids graduate college and they automatically go into management roles of some sort. Supervisory roles. Black college grads are told "oh well, we want experience. years of experience."

White college grads are hired and TRAINED.
Big Difference. HUGE DIFFERENCE.
Because it boils down to MONEY.

Black People who brag on having 'white friends' do not seem to understand that the 'white friend' has POWER 'OPENED' to him. Not to them. 
White Youth are Positioned Into Power. 
It doesn't matter what their education is.
 If they are halfway astute, POWER will be opened to them.
 All they have to do is 'try'. 
They will be rewarded.
It's vastly different for black people.

I see it here in Texas. 
College Educated White People have no problem finding positions that are 'advanced'. Where they are managing others. I even see young white kids right out of school, in their early 20's, managing projects and being trained for management.

I don't see the same trajectory for black college educated kids. 
They can find work.
 But not in the advanced positions coming right out
 of school like I see for white kids.

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