Racist White Woman Attacks Peaceful Hispanic Woman in IHOP For Speaking Spanish.

The devils are awakening. Looking to take back 'Murica'. Apparently, 'Murica' has become a little too multicultural for them. Now that they've become enriched off of our labor they are looking to kick everyone out. But they themselves are not native... They just SHOWED UP. Without an INVITE. And took this country the fuck over. Native Americans be DAMNED. Sheesh...'Murica'.

And the sad part is that the Hispanic woman's family could have been in this country before it was even a country. Before this land was invaded by these indenturing, enslaving, thieving, warmongering, disease ridden, recessive gene, white parasites. The Hispanic woman could have been here FIRST. That's the irony of it all. White people just run up on blacks and Hispanics and start throwing down demands. In the public. Throwing down demands to complete strangers. This is the craziest shit.

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