Edina Police Incident, Black Man Unjustly Arrested By White Cop Proving Cops EARN the Hate

It's time for citizens to rise up and fight these fucking gestapo assholes. 
This is why black men feel so much anger.
Anyone would when you are constantly targeted. 
Fuck the Police. 
I have no sympathy for them. 
These guys are power hungry, evil ass, abusive, PIGS.

The question is: Would this pig have grabbed A) an elderly white woman B) a young white girl C) a middle aged white man in a suit this way for walking in the road? If the answer to any of these is NO then his behavior is unnecessary, overreaching, excessive and RACIST. The ONLY people who would pretend this pig would manhandle an old white lady, a young white girl or a white businessman the way he did this black man are lying, disingenuous racists. The pig needs to lose his job and his pension.