Black Folk And The Lie of American Equality. The Black Boondoggle And Why in 2016 Black Folk Are Still Serving Their White Masters.

Black Folk And The LIE of American Equality

I see it all the time. 
Young, College Educated, and Optimistic. 
A Young African American holding their degree heads out into the big wide world.
Looking for employment that would give them a slice of the American dream.
Employment that would pay enough to allow them to buy their first home, 
Marry, and start a family.
And every single place they applies turns them away or applauds their educational qualifications but tells them, "oh we are sorry. We only have a clerical position open at this time. It starts at $10 dollars an hour'. 
Yet when they appear into the company, they see young 20 something year old white kids, some with college degrees but most without, working in management.
So they turn down the position and go right to the next company.
Same thing happens. 
They are either told "We are looking for years of experience" or "We only have this lower level job open". 
So they regroup. They are forced to regroup.
They refuse to start at the bottom making $10.00 an hour when they have student loans with student loan interest.
They've done everything America has said they should do to be successful.
Yet they are only offered positions working with people who are 18, right out of high school and with only a high school diploma.
So they look out over the job market. 
They look to see where the 'successful African Americans are working'. 
They don't look to corporate America because from what they see the only 'successful' African Americans are often surrounded by whites. Making them in effect 'Tokens'. 
The one slot for an 'African American' has been FILLED. No more need apply. Unless they want to work in the Mail room. 
So they see African Americans working in Government, And at Hospitals and Schools.
And for the First time they understand why African Americans are 'over-represented' in certain positions. 
It's not for lack of hard work or ability. 
It's solely due to Racism.
Corporations are the new plantation.
They are 98% ran and controlled by White Males. 
White People.
Those at the top, will usually be White People.
Those allowed to go to the top will usually be White People.
This is the new 'racism' they soon realize.
It is the fact that even with great educational qualifications, they find themselves marginalized into a certain wage level.
There friends are whispering in their ear "leave the south. leave the south". 
The place for a Black Man To Find Success is Up North or Out West.
Very Few will break through the mold in the South.
They are saddened. 
They don't want to leave their families.
But they pack their bags.
And head up North.
Searching For Green Pastures.
More 'Racially Tolerant' Pastures.
He is Determined to one day come back to the South and Accomplished man.
And build up.
So that other young, African Americans, won't have to 'flee' the South. 
To make a decent living. 
Equality in America can be had. But it is not readily apparent or easily found.
It has to be sought after and pursued. 

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