Is John Pisone, of MMC Land Management, Being Aggressively Recruited For A Leadership Role At Agility 360 in Carrollton, Texas?

Some are saying John Pisone would fit Right in Beside Agility 360 Vice President Justin Belter.
 I believe the two share a lot of personality traits.

Introducing - John Pisone (Below)
See How He Expertly Handles The Situation.

John Pisone really reminds me of so many white men I've met in Texas. Intolerant, Pickup Driving, Angry, Hateful, Ignorant, Racists. I just can't imagine what life was like for blacks when people like THIS had ALL the power. Sadly, many of them STILL DO. Just look at Justin Belter, Agility 360's Vice President.. Scary working for him if you're black.