In The News Texas - Black Chiropractic Student Attempts Radical New Chiropractic Approach On Racist White Man

Looks like she helped straighten out his back.. 

Now I don't agree with violence and this young woman, whomever she may be, has certainly got herself in a terrible legal tangle. But I can't say I feel sorry for this man. 
The 'N' word should never be used by white people ever. 
And to those white people who say "Well Blacks Use It" 


Black people say "NiggA" which is a term of endearment meaning BROTHER or FRIEND. They don't say "NIGGER" which suggests someone is 'inferior'. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE. I don't understand why white people 'claim' to have superior intelligence yet they can't grasp this very simple concept.

When White People Continue To Act Like This is 1850 and They Own America
And Everyone In It
Shit Like This Will CONTINUE To Happen.

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