Documentary Details Economic Racism By the I.M.F. and W.T.O. Against Poor Black Nations

This is a compelling documentary I discovered online and I felt the need to share. It was previously free of charge on YouTube with Millions of views. It has since been monetized. The website is It was produced by a black woman, Stephanie Black, who is from Jamaica. Be careful watching it. If you have any humanity within you. It will definitely make you angry.

It details how the I.M.F (The International Monetary Fund), and the W.T.O (the World Trade Organization) continue to enslave through poverty and perpetual indebtedness. 

How do they do this? 

They loan poor nations which are struggling money at incredible interest rates which they know they can never pay back. Just like Loan Sharks. As part of the lending deal, they 'mandate' these nations open up their markets to other countries with no trade restrictions. When this happens all of the local industry that has supported the people in these countries begins to dry up and die, as the country is then flooded with cheap produce and meats from industrial countries at such low prices the country's own produce, meat and production markets are destroyed forever.

Impoverishing the Country. Forever.

When this is done wealthier nations move in with the IMF's permission and began to PLUNDER whatever resources they desire.

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