Don't Protest Illegal Immigrants, Protest The Companies That Hire Them (There Are Many)

This is just a quick post. 

Without going in too much detail I will say Americans have it wrong. Instead of protesting the poor, desperate people who are flooding our borders we should be looking at cutting off the reasons they are coming over which is to work

This week a friend of mine told me that a local company, right here in the DFW area, was raided by immigration last Thursday and they had suddenly lost over 200 of their illegal immigrant staff. This company is a major company that runs multiple warehouses throughout the country. They were able to hire these illegal immigrants through staffing agencies who provide them cover for these types of hires. 

In my relatively young life, I've personally heard of several companies, major American manufacturers, who have been raided by immigration for hiring illegals. After the raids they hire Americans for a short while and eventually end up once more going back to hiring illegals. 

Another associate of mine who often does warehouse work confided in me that he walked into one company here in the DFW area that had children working. All Hispanic. Some as young as 13 years old he said it appeared to him. 

These immigrants would not come to America if they couldn't find work. They ALWAYS find work. 

The temporary staffing agencies are pitted against one another to see who can provide the labor for the lowest wage. There are hundreds of staffing agencies in the DFW area and thousands nationwide. Its a very competitive industry and they often have very slim profit margins. Many of them feel great pressure to reach out to illegal immigrants. They have a treasure trove of social security numbers and birthdates to pull from. It's not an issue to them to resort to illegal and underhanded tactics to make a profit. 

Let me be clear- not all agencies operate in an unscrupulous fashion. However many of them do. I've personally had to fight for my wages working through certain staffing agencies and so have many of my friends. Many are very underhanded. 

I'm just sick and tired of Americans protesting these illegals and not the businesses that hire them. Do you really think a bunch of middle aged, angry white folks standing on a bridge, or beside the road screaming will stop anything? No. It's silly to even assume it.

Those illegals could care less. They are intent on surviving and could care less how much someone screams and protests. 

Ever since slavery, America has been intent on finding the lowest wage labor possible. It's why these companies ship our jobs to sweatshops overseas and import highly skilled foreign labor who will work for less than half the wage they would have to pay an American professional.

Nothing will stop illegal immigration until Americans put these companies under pressure. We have to let them know they can't hide behind the staffing agencies. If it's found that illegals are on the work site they will be called out. We need a national database which contains every company who has hired illegals. To let the public know we should take our business elsewhere.