Please National News Media, Stop Bombarding Me With Israeli, Gaza News

I've had enough of 24/7 news cycle coverage concerning Gaza and Israel. I've been inundated with news of these two countries for many years now and I'm finally agreeing with a comment my mother made many years ago when I was in high school which was "they've been killing each other for years now. Its a wonder anyone's still alive". 

Why not focus on domestic issues more? There are so many people in this country who are struggling and hurting from a lack of good paying jobs and a racist judicial system (and employment system). We have our own problems and truthfully all of those over educated talking heads you have on your programs don't know what's happening in the streets or even on Main Street.

If you want to know how people are doing on Main Street stop asking the Harvard educated, six figure earning guy with a silver spoon in his mouth whose done nothing but review stats and polls all day and drive out and talk to us. 

You will find Americans get tired of always hearing about what's happening across the oceans. Can we please have a break?