White Privilege? Harvard University, Ivy League Colleges, offer Little Job Advantage For Black Graduates

Black Harvard Graduates Have The Same Shot At Jobs As White State School Grads

Racism is so pervasive in the US job market that even black Americans with Harvard degrees are at a disadvantage, according a new study in the journal Social Forces (highlighted in Inside Higher Ed).

Using carefully designed test resumes submitted for job openings, the researchers found that black graduates of elite universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and Duke were as likely to get responses from employers than white graduates of much less prestigious state colleges, such as University of California, Riverside, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

Harvard University, Ivy League Colleges, offer No Job Advantage For Black Graduates

For both the races tested, there was a difference of about 6 percentage points between the response rates for graduates of state schools and those of elite schools. But that gap widens to 11 percentage points when you compare white elite college graduates to black graduates from the state schools. And it narrows to just 1.5 percentage points, within the margin of error, between white state school graduates and black graduates of prestigious schools.

University of Michigan sociologist S. Michael Gaddis, who conducted the study, expected a gap between elite and state colleges, he tells Quartz, and he expected a gap between black and white applicants overall. He did not expect, however, to see that even among elite schools’ graduates, there was a big gap between whites and blacks.

“If we really think that education is the great equalizer, then someone who reaches the pinnacle of that system…should be rewarded pretty equally,” Gaddis says. “I would have been surprised, to be honest with you, to see no gap at all. But to see that the gap for Harvard and the other elite applicants was basically the same was very discouraging - To Continue Reading Article, Please Click Here To Visit QUARTZ

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