Adams County School District Accused of Racial Discrimination Against Hispanic Parents, Staff

Adams County School District SUED for Discriminating Against Latino Parents, Staff

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. -- Two former administrators are suing the Adams County School District 14 claiming wrongful termination and discrimination based on their race.

The two former school employees say it was their job to help right the problems exposed by a federal Department of Education investigation into claims of systematic racial discrimination against parents, teachers and students in the district. But now both women claim the same system of discrimination left them unemployed.

Marisol Enriquez, a former human resources director for the school district, filed a lawsuit against the district Tuesday.

Her lawsuit came about one month after a similar lawsuit filed by Dr. Robyn Mondragon, the former Chief Academic and Equity Officer for the district.

A spokesperson for the Adams 14 school district said, “These cases are a part of ongoing litigation and therefore we can’t comment on them. However, what we can tell you, is that the district has always complied with all laws applicable to our work and we will vigorously defend the district and our board of education.”

Mondragon says the district pursued her in the months after the federal Office of Civil Rights report laid out numerous recommendations to improve its relationships with Latino staff, students and families.

“The parents felt like they were not welcome in the building. There was a separate lunch table that was assigned just for Spanish-speaking parents,” Mondragon told Denver7 Investigates. “I was pursued by the top executives … to come into Adams 14 and to support the district and really resolve the agreements to resolve. To bring some closure, to start the healing process and really move forward.”

Mondragon’s job involved investigating complaints of discrimination from staff and families. She said during that process she quickly learned the problems were deeper than she imagined.

“Once I'd start digging and asking questions absolutely every one of [the complaints] were valid,” Mondragon said. “It was incredibly alarming, it was like nothing I had ever seen.”

Mondragon claims the district’s now-former superintendent, Patrick Sanchez, encouraged her to change the findings of one of her investigations to make the administration look better...


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