I Stand With Apple Over FBI Backdoor.

I Stand With Apple Over FBI Backdoor.

My Info Was Stolen In An OPM Database Hack. I don't Trust Them With A Backdoor To The Apple IPhone.

My info was stolen during a hack of the OPM's database. The OPM is the federal government's personnel department. They sent me a letter with a PIN# to sign up for a three year identity theft protection. After that I'm on my own. With millions of other Americans whose personal information was swiped. Probably by China. 

I see people on here bashing Apple for standing firm. You people disgust me. All just mindless sheep. All the govt has to say is 'TERROR! TERROR!' And you bend over like sheep and take it up the ass. You let the government violate all sorts of constitutional rights and privacy protections. 

We are giving up our freedoms out of FEAR. 

And the government KNOWS all they have to say is 'TERROR! TERROR' and they can access all of our information and invade our privacy and violate our rights. 

This won't be the first time the government will want to access an iPhone. It doesn't even have to be terror related. All they would need to do is utter the magic word 'TERROR! TERROR! BEEEE AAAFFFRRRAAAIID'! And we will allow them to do whatever Their hearts desire. This is wrong. The government will start to link EVERY ACT to terror. Because the American people no longer questions their motivations. 

I even doubt these nutcases were terrorists. They killed a bunch of people but they weren't backed by any government. They were just deranged lunatics. 

Even if they were terrorists should every single person in the world lose their right to privacy? Even those who are law abiding?

The government couldn't keep my info safe. They won't keep this Backdoor to an iPhone safe either. They will destroy apple. 

If a company creates back doors to its security system this will frighten millions of people away. There was another young entrepreneur who had created a very secure email system. The government came to him with demands to open up his system to let them peek inside. He refused. He shut down his company. 

The government can abuse these measures and WILL abuse these measures. I'm law abiding but I'm sorry... I don't want the government peeking in at all times on me when I'm not violating any laws. I value my privacy.

You may not. But I do.

I Stand With Apple.

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