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Way To Go Beyonce!!! 

I enjoyed both the Video and Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance and I applaud Beyonce for taking the time (and the risk) for speaking out against the injustice faced by black minorities. I'm saddened that black people are suppose to be 'silent' about the high percentages of black men who die in police custody or at minor traffic stops. This is shocking to MANY blacks, myself included, who don't have the platform that Beyonce does to draw attention to this matter. 

I found myself last night looking over images of dead, bloated black bodies floating in the waters of New Orleans, or simply being left to rot on the ground after the water had gone. No one cared. I often find myself getting so angry and so emotional. 

Now with the Flint Water Crises I find myself wondering are black people being willfully exterminated in America? Is this genocide? 

I put nothing past America. Or as many blacks think of America - Amerikkka. 

Poor blacks face so many injustices in this country everyday, our blackness sometimes can feel overwhelming. It's the first thing many people see when they see US. And the last thing many people remember about US. There is no Justice in America (for the Black Person). There is JUST US.  Instead of attacking this woman for voicing her concerns through song and melody - why not look into the reasons WHY Beyonce felt the need to speak out on these issues. It wasn't to capitalize off of black pain. Beyonce and Jay Z have both given millions of dollars to charitable causes in the Black Community. Right Now Beyonce is building a $7 Million Dollar Housing Establishment for poor minorities in Houston. Beyonce and Jay Z spent Thousands bailing out those unjustly arrested in Ferguson, Mo as well. 

So please don't attack this woman and claim she is 'capitalizing' off of black pain. She's not. She's given so much money and this shows where her heart is at. There also would not have been a need to reassert to the world that she takes pride in her natural features. White people like to say "oh well, if we did this there would be an uproar". As a black person living in America, I can say to white people - YOU DO THIS EVERYDAY. The women who are love interests in most Block Buster Hollywood movies are WHITE women. The Women who gloss the covers of your magazines are mainly WHITE WOMEN. With White European features. These are the women who have been pushed by your societies to the world as the 'Standard of Beauty'. Black women and dark skinned women have been under attack for their black, natural features. So Beyonce rightfully expressed 'Self Love' in how she looks. Her nose with 'Jackson Five Nostrils' and the Afro her daughter sports as well. Somehow the woman expressing 'self love' has angered white people. Are black people not suppose to LOVE THEMSELVES? Especially when we have been vilified across all fronts.

Again, this is not about 'hating' anyone. Or pushing hate. As a marginalized and oppressed group in America - this video simply offers a different perspective than the one that is constantly pushed on black people by the dominant society. It offers hope. Courage. Self Love and Perspective. 

I applaud Beyonce. Nothing in this video was hostile to cops or white people. Black women would not feel the need to reassert to the public that their features are beautiful if they weren't constantly bashed in the United States for being less than desirable. Simply because they are black with dark skin and black features. 

I, for one, find black women BEAUTIFUL. 



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