Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey And Black Councilman Kenneth Stokes In Heated War Of Words - Jackson, MS

Look at these redneck hicks upset that a black man spoke out against their outright endangering the lives of black children and black Mississippi residents by engaging in car chases through residential neighborhoods. Without regard to black LIFE or black SAFETY.

When called out on these racist policies (they would never do this in a black neighborhood)... That big REDNECK took exception and THREATENED Black Councilman Kenneth Stokes by saying "If you throw rocks at me, I will have your ass picking garbage on the side of the road."

So let me get this right. ARMED WHITE MEN in OREGON can take over a fucking Federal Building with GUNS and there is not one fucking cop ON SIGHT. The cops released a statement saying they are 'monitoring' the situation and implying it's no 'big fucking deal'. But black men can commit PETTY CRIMES and have cops flying through the neighborhoods without regard to life and limb of law abiding blacks and we call this fair? And get this... These Oregon so called fucking 'Patriots' want FREE FUCKING LAND given to them. That's why they are protesting. They want the Federal Government to stand down on Federal Land and simply give them the land. Imagine if black men did this... There would be a WAR.

I mean the nerve of this sweaty fucking redneck to threaten the black councilman for simply saying they are endangering the lives of black residents. Black cops could NEVER come tearing through a white neighborhood in MISSISSIPPI without regard to the lives of WHITE CHILDREN and INNOCENT CIVILIANS and nothing is done. Nothing is said.

Black people it's time for us to FIGHT. The white man loves using his 'military, and courts and police force' to keep everyone in 'submission'' but it's time to stop being afraid of him.


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