In Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Inner Circle The 'Stench' of Corruption Growing

Darius Pinex, killed by Chicago Police, had evidence in his murder intentionally covered up by an attorney in Rahm Emanuel's inner circle, it is alleged.
A top lawyer in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration abruptly resigned Monday after a federal judge determined that he intentionally concealed critical evidence in a trial for a fatal police-involved shooting “and then lied about his reasons,” reports The Chicago Tribune.

Senior Corporation Counsel Jordan Marsh resigned after U.S. District Judge Edmond Changimposed sanctions against him and the city, ordering that they pay attorney’s fees to the victim’s family, notes the report.

Judge Chang tossed a previous ruling and ordered a new case in the wrongful lawsuit death brought by the family of Darius Pinex, who was killed by officers after a 2011 traffic stop on the city’s South Side in Englewood, the report says.

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