White Americans Once Used Black Babies As 'Alligator Bait'

This is why we refer to white people as 'DEVILS'. 

Black Historian recounts what he was told by an elderly white Floridian about how his grandfather and others would steal black babies off of the slave plantations when their mothers were working the fields and take them out to the river, tie a rope around their necks and torsos and throw them in the river as 'alligator bait'. He said the babies would thrash and scream and that this would immediately attract the alligator who would swallow the child 'whole'. They would then drag the alligator to shore, and hit in the head with a pick axe and then take his skin to make wallets, purses, etc. and the meat. This was sometimes done several times a night to hunt 'bull alligators' which were alligators weighing up to 800 pounds.  He said the children that were used would be 'infants' to 'toddler' age. 

This occurred  in many parts of the South and for a prolonged period of time.