Virginia Shooter Bryce Williams, aka Vester Lee Flanagan, Sued CBS News Station For Racial Discrimination, Repeatedly Calling Him "Monkey"

The Resistance This is their biggest fear that we will do to them as they have done to us. It's case of projection: they accuse us of having a chip on our shoulders but in reality it is them who have the biggest chip - the inability to live with people who are different from them (their lack of color).

Actually, it seems that every time a black woman or man has confidence or is confident in his or her abilities, he or she is interpreted as arrogant or to have a chip on their shoulders. The fact of the matter is, white people (not all) often feel threatened when black men and women carry themselves in a way which illustrates a consciousness of self worth and/or value.

Bryce Williams aka Vester Lee Flanagan
I'm not surprised. There is always a 'hidden story' to these disgruntled employee stories that make the news for the employee shooting others. Black people wake up. Please. I have worked around whites and they are sneaky as shit. They will do the dirtiest damn shit to you and act all innocent and when you become angry they quickly yank the rug from under you. Putting your ability to provide for your family in jeopardy. They are not fair. They will never be fair. If you don't believe me.. Look back at HISTORY. There is no greater teacher of human nature than HISTORY.

I'm now listening to CNN talk to the station and the station is doing its part to SLAM this man. Calling him 'disgruntled'. Well duh... I would be disgruntled too if I had endured racial discrimination, been called MONKEY repeatedly as this man suggested in his lawsuit and then had the rug yanked out from under me.

That would make ANYONE angry.

This is why we need BLACK MEDIA. We need to support BLACK MEDIA. DO NOT SELL OUT when the white guys come offering millions to buy you out and change the platform. We need a space of our OWN where we can talk FREELY about the racism we face in this country.

I do not feel sorry for the reporters who lost their lives. They are merely casualties in a growing race war. An economic race war.

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