New U.S. Study Shows Black Students Get JAIL, While White Students Get TREATMENT For the Same Behavior

Overwhelming evidence of continued racial disparities between blacks and whites within the United States of America. When will black people learn that this is not our country. It was never meant to be. No matter how much "Amerikkka" pretends it is. Discrimination and racial prejudice is infused all throughout our system of governance. It is infused all throughout our financial markets, housing and employment and medical institutions. America has come a long way, but these studies show we still have a very long way to go. The older I get, the less I am 'enamored' by the American flag and the history of this nation, though valiant as it seem on the surface, It's been traumatic and oppressive to   people of color. Especially to black people. 

I honestly can't say that I love this nation. Because I don't. I look with great suspicion on everything this nation does. Because of how my people are continuing to be treated. When will it end?

New study Shows Black Students Get JAIL While
White Students Get Treatment _ For the SAME CONDUCT

When black and white kids act up or display troubling behavior at schools, teachers and administrators often address it with differing responses split along racial lines, new research shows. 

Black students are more likely to be punished with suspensions, expulsions or referrals to law enforcement, a phenomenon that helps funnel kids into the criminal justice system. Meanwhile, white kids are more likely to be pushed into special education services or receive medical and psychological treatment for their perceived misbehaviors, according to a study released last week in the journal Sociology of Education.

Overall, this pattern often leads to the criminalization of young black students and the medicalization of white students. 

The study, conducted by Pennsylvania State University assistant professor of sociology and criminology David Ramey, analyzed the rates of suspensions, expulsions and police referrals at 59,000 schools across the country. He also looked at how many students in these schools were enrolled in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, two programs designed to help kids in need of special services.

Ramey found that schools with larger populations of black students also had higher rates of suspensions, while schools with more white students had a greater number of kids in programs designed for students with special needs.

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