Breaking News: Ken Paxon, Texas Attorney General, INDICTED ON MULTIPLE FELONY CHARGES

Ken Paxon, Texas Attorney General,
CROOKED TEXAS --- Ken Paxon, Texas Attorney General, has been indicted on multiple felony charges out of Collin County which are to be revealed on Monday. Apparently, this guy was a scoundrel. How "fitting" that he was Attorney General of Texas. Texas courts have long been known to be filled with corruption and bias towards the poor and minorities. Texas Courts are highly biased in favor of the rich and well connected as indeed "all courts are". Most of the Texas Judges are backed by private corporations. In other words, they are Kangaroo Courts. It's time to stop pretending they are just. I'm surprised this indictment even happened. This guy must have made enemies in high places. That's the only time the powerful get taken down. When they make enemies with the wrong people. People who are equally blood thirsty and clever and wealthy. Who can fight them 'toe to toe' on their own turf.-----

The Charges are to be revealed in a press conference scheduled for Monday.

 "Special prosecutors in the Paxton case told News 8 they planned to present a third-degree charge of failing to register with the state securities board as the law requires. They also said they planned to present a first degree felony charge against Paxton accusing him of securities fraud. All indications are that charge is related to Servergy, a McKinney-based company that’s been under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Paxton does not have to resign or step down from statewide office as he prepares to face a criminal trial. He can continue to work just as Gov. Perry did after his two felony indictments in August 2014. Paxton's case, legal experts predict, will go to trial since his law license and statewide office are now on the line. He was sworn in as Texas’ top law enforcer on Jan. 1.

The indictments relate to alleged conduct that occurred while he was serving in the state legislature. Special prosecutor Kent Schaffer first revealed to News 8 last month that the Texas Rangers had uncovered new evidence."