Eagles Cornerback Brandon Boykin Suggests Coach Chip Kelly Traded Him Because of "Racism". I Believe Him.

Eagles  Cornerback Brandon Boykin says he
was traded by Chip Kelly due to racism.
I believe Eagles Cornerback Brandon Boykin was traded because of racism. Here's why.

As a black person I have often felt the urgency to try and make myself 'acceptable' in personality and culture to the whites I have had to work around. To make sure they had a high level of comfort with me. This has at times proven to be difficult, especially when I've been around white people who have come from backgrounds where they have not had a lot of interaction with blacks. They don't like the feeling of 'nervousness' and when they believe that a 'connection' isn't being made, they are quick to use their power and authority to remove the person from their circle. I believe this has been the case with Brandon Boykin. White people will never 'conform to others'. Others must always 'conform to them'. This is because they are in the positions of power and control. It's their way or the highway.

Now Don't get it confused. Some black people seem to be ambivalent to the history of our two people in this country. They may not have had certain 'experiences' that make them uncomfortable around white people. Other blacks have been subjected to very racist experiences in their lives, such as myself, and we have a little bit of a harder time warming up to white people. We can remain professional around them, but a 'chilliness' remains that is felt by both sides. I believe this was the case with Brandon Boykin.

Eagles Coach Looks like a Big  Redneck
Devil. I can believe he has trouble relating
to blacks. He looks like a Pure DEVIL to me.
I have read comments from other Eagles football players, especially the minority players and this scenario, that I've just described, seems to be beyond their understanding. Some spoke of the fact that they had no issues with Eagles Coach Chip Kelly and they mentioned the numbers of other minority players on the team. They don't understand how complex relationships can be and that there could very well, as I believe is the case with Brandon Boykin and Chip Kelly, be a racial component.

Brandon Boykin mentioned that he felt  he was traded because of a 'racial component'. He FELT THIS. I too have often felt when I wasn't accepted as the "right king of black person" in the presence of whites. Also, I was a little peeved because it seems all too often that blacks are too quick to defend powerful whites, especially when their paychecks are on the line. The other Eagles Players were 'cooning'. They were 'brown-nosing'. In other words, it seems one or two of them was trying to use this situation to throw Brandon Boykin's intuition and feelings "under the bus" to 'curry favor' with the Coach. I find that despicable but I've seen it so many times before in my own life. Because of the power of the white man, other races in his presence often quickly start to cannibalize their own. To turn against their own. It's always been that way.

White men have always had a poisonous effect on other races. Because they wield so much power. Out of fear, others start to cannibalize their own, in hopes they will curry favor with him. I've seen this especially within Corporate America. People being afraid. Always on the edge of their seats. Wondering what will the mighty 'white man' do next. Who will he keep on his team. He toys with this. It inflates his ego. The fact that he wields so much control over  the thought processes and behavior of others.

Brandon Boykin mentioned the Eagles Coach Chip Kelly "Wanted to Control Everything". In a way that's what a coach is suppose to do but not in the sense he meant. I knew what he meant. White men want to DOMINATE every single relationship and every single situation. If something doesn't 'feel right by them' they are quick to slash people, things, etc. from their circles. They are brutal and barbaric, methodical, by nature. It's kind of complex and honestly I lack the words to describe what I feel, what I've seen and what I've experienced. Let me try again... White men want to feel COMFORTABLE with EVERYONE IN THEIR CIRCLE. If they don't have a high level of comfort, even if there is a little chilliness, your professionalism won't mean a damn thing to them. They will SLASH YOU. And this is what happened to Brandon Boykin. He has a lot to learn about life. About race relations and about how white power works. I believe he was a great player.  He should have made the team. But the 'chilliness' between him and the coach was apparently too much for Eagles Coach Chip Kelly. And Brandon Boykin was SLASHED.