America's Fascination With A Donald Trump Presidency

I'm an urban black male and I find myself enamored with Donald Trump. Frankly, I like his ''frankness' I like the fact he can speak so openly and easily on controversial issues. Issues that other politicians shy away from. I like the fact that he speaks his mind and I believe he will follow his heart. That is important to me. Do I believe Donald Trump may be a little bit bigoted? Yes. Of course. I'm aware he has made racial comments before. So why, I'm sure you may ask yourself, would I vote for a man such as Donald Trump. I feel encouraged when I hear him talk about his business prowess and how he's handled deals with China and other countries. I like his 'deal making' abilities. I also like the fact that the man is so independently wealthy, he will not be 'beholden' to special interests for his campaigns financing. He can independently finance his own campaign. So in other words, he is afforded the opportunity, unlike other politicians, to 'be his own man'. I am reminded of the prank call between a "Koch brother imposter' and Presidential Candidate, and Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker. Scott Walker became what we call in urban America, a BITCH, on the phone. He became Koch's bitch. I really don't know what else to call it. I know that language is not pleasant but I can't get that phone call out of my head. There were parts of the call where he was explaining his rationale and his decisions to the Koch brother in a very subservient manner. I know if elected President he would take his orders from the Kochs as well as other powerful industry leaders and that doesn't sit well with me.

Donald Trump doesn't seem to be anyone's "bitch"; and frankly the other republican candidates appear to be 'bitches'. In other words - they appear to be 'whores to private and powerful business interests'. They don't appear to be their own men. They will take their marching orders from others and not the American people. Trump seems to be the type of guy who will stand up to big business interests. At least I certainly hope he will. Donald Trump seems to be his own man and this is appealing to the American people. We need someone who will act on their conscious and not their concern for their personal campaign financing goals.

I am also enthused by a Trump Presidency because Donald Trump has built a powerful and successful business and he seems to be a great job creator. America needs jobs. Good paying jobs. So many people I know are having such a hard time making ends meet. I recently came across a study that said wages have remained flat for the past 33 years or something similar. So while the price of goods, services and living expenses have risen every single year, American paychecks have remained the same. The value of the dollar is declining and more and more people are finding themselves struggling. Donald Trump mentioned that he would remove incentives for corporations to ship their jobs overseas, and he referred specifically to Ford Motor Company choosing to build its plant in Mexico and not Tennessee as an example. This caught my attention. We need a president who will work to stop American corporations from being rewarded for shipping American jobs overseas. We can't compete with third world wages and still maintain our standard of living in this country. Something will have to give. To try and keep their standard of living, many Americans are being forced into deeper and deeper debt from having to take out 'credit' and 'loans' just to buy the necessities. This isn't right.

We need a stand up guy in the White House. Donald Trump just might be that guy. Let's just hope he doesn't put his foot in his mouth too much to eliminate himself from the running. He need better advisers that's for sure.