White Inventions Whites Would Rather You FORGET

I know I already posted this but its really important that we stop teaching eachother that we created all things because that simply isn't truth.

The black race is the originator of mankind this is fact however not all mankinds systems came from us and we need to acknowledge this as we learn and teach. 

The merging of homosapiens and neanderthals produced a crossbred homosapien that was psychologically different and they brought into existence many backward systems that we have been conditioned to accept as being correct.

When relearning how to use our minds most of us use the backward systems created by the crossbred homosapiens and through their racial distorted literature we develop a backward way of viewing not only our black race but that of all racial groups. 

It is important to place systems appropriately by the racial groups they were developed by for the purpose of reeducation because when doing this we remove the deception created by the crossbred homosapiens. 

The system retains its power by controlling the way people think and loses its power when people make discoveries, so the old saying the truth shall set you free is indeed true and this is why it is necessary to teach the truth about these backward systems that were created by the crossbred homosapiens.

This war is psychological and to fight in this war takes freedom of ones mind from the many different systems created by the crossbred homosapiens and if our aim is mental liberation we do not gain that by teaching things that are not truth, so this is why its important to teach truth and not deception.

Real change starts when we start to make real changes seriously wake-up.

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