U.S. Foreign Policy And The Paradox Of World Power

The united states government has since its beginning systematically destroyed and subjugated foreign nations for the purpose of controlling their resources, so when asked why other countries hate the United States of America all is needed is a quick overview of its execution of foreign policies.

I'm writing this post to point the reader in the direction of researching the history of U.S foreign policy to show how U.S foreign policies has killed 100's of millions sice July 4th 1776 and how it plans to do away with millions more.

The dirty tricks of this nation is covered over through western media propaganda and most citizens of the United States are clueless to its governments involvement throughout the world.

The history of imperialism disguised as democracy isn't something that is taught in U.S government controlled educational centers and most have no idea that the government has been orchestrating wars, famines, diseases and executing depopulation measures through vaccinations in foreign nations for over a hundred years.

It isn't a conspiracy theory that the United States population has been fed an unhealthy dose of entertainment to keep it pacified and totally ignorant to what is going on in the world around them, it is the domestic policy of this nation to mentally block the minds of its slaves while continuing businesses as usual.

While people were watching the playoffs and Super Bowl the U.S government had troops on foreign land killing people that couldn't afford what most spend on refreshments.

It is your job as a human being to educate yourself to how things work by researching the history of how things started, so the time for saying you had no idea has reached its end.

Real change starts when we start to make real changes seriously wake-up.

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