America Is Creating A MONSTER Within Its Borders

That can eventually grow to shake this country to its core...

Two Americas will cause the END of America eventually, unless the racial discrimination and hostility directed at  its poor minorities end. People are losing faith in this country. People are doubting America stands for what it says it stands for. People are becoming angry and fed up and hopeless. I know its hard to believe but there are native born Americans who HATE this country and for good reason.

White people have no clue about the monster that's being created within this country. If America doesn't stop the evil towards its most vulnerable citizens, it will create homegrown terrorists in the scores of impoverished and oppressed black and brown citizens who feel they have no hope in this country.

I invite White America to come into the ghettos and SEE HOW LIFE IS for the MASSES OF UNDERPRIVILEGED. The forgotten and lost, disillusioned and disenfranchised within America.

It is time for America to live up to its words. Or face the consequences.