Hidden Colors 4:The Religion Of White Supremacy

Coming Soon --> Hidden Colors 4. The Religion of White Supemacy.

Currently Under Production.

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If you have any doubts about their work. Please feel free to check out Hidden Colors 1 through 3. AMAZING WORK!


Hidden Colors 4:The Religion Of White Supremacy is the fourth installment of the groundbreaking documentary series that teaches about the untold history of people of color, "Hidden Colors 1 , 2 and 3". For this installment of the Hidden Colors series,we are going around the country interviewing leading scholars and historians discussing topics such as:

*Global Racism

*Racism in Religion 

*Omitted History

*Financial Warfare

*Health and Racism

*Solutions to these issues

And so much more.

The first three installments of the Hidden Colors documentary series are shown and taught in schools and universities all around the world. And we want to maintain the cultural momentum that this film series has made.

The money raised through Kickstarter will be used for travel expenses for the film crew to conduct interviews in multiple cities. The money will also be used to create special effects & titles, as well as for the process of combining all of these elements: rendering, compositing, sound design and editing. Money will also be used to create elaborate historical re-enactment scenes for the film.There are also hardware and software that we need in order to create everything at high resolution so that the finished film will be able to screen theatrically. Also,a lot of the money will be used for media promotions for the theatrical release of the film. 

Our minimum funding goal is $60,000,but we aspire to exceed that goal because the Hidden Colors series has proven to be an influential brand critically,and academically around the world.

So lets continue to make history Don't forget to help spread the word and share this project on facebook with all your friends. And go to www.hiddencolorsfilm.com for updates.

Risks and challenges

After the kickstarter campaign has been completed,be sure to give all of your correct info so that we can quickly send your rewards to you in a timely manner.