Craigslist inundated with Hate Speech and Racism; And apparently the site is Doing Nothing To change this

Every time I go on craigslist I am shocked by all the posts openly using racist language and disparaging blacks. It seems like every other post contains the words "niggers, monkeys and apes" when referring to african Americans.

Many of the posts cheer the deaths of black youth and call for blacks to be wiped off the face of the earth.

I have contacted craiglist several times regarding this racist language and I only get a form email back in response. I have taken the additional steps of contacting craigslist employees within their forum and I was advised that they don't care.

I have flagged posts calling for the murder of blacks or applauding the deaths of blacks, and those posts containing racist language and they remain up on the site. However the minute I post a response to a racist post my post (and others) are automatically deleted.

This is why when you are viewing craigslist it seems that you are on stormfront or some other white supremacist site. The posts that offer a counterbalance to the hateful utterly racist language are always removed. 

And that leads me to think what kind of management does Craigslist have? What are their personal beliefs. I too believe in the first amendment (freedom of speech) but craigslist doesn't practice the first amendment because it doesn't leave ALL posts up. Only the most racist stay up. So I wonder are they racist too.

African Americans and other minorities should stay away from Craigslist. We are obviously not welcomed on its boards.