African Americans Suffer Under The 'Illusion' of American Democracy

Events in Ferguson reveal the negative peace & fallacious "democracy" that exists across AmeriKKKa. While developments in Ferguson are both disturbing & sickening, it is "positive" in that it exposes the rotten underbelly of American racism & systemic white supremacy that posits itself as just, equal & democratic.

How long must African Americans suffer in silence and bear the burden of upholding the illusion of American democracy while others enjoy the fruits and benefits of this illusory democracy? If such tension, such brutality, be emblematic of the truth then let it be the shared burden of all! Let the tensions upheld by the few be a tension shared by the many for even that is more closer to equality than the negative peace of inequality upheld by the suffering minority.

The truth is often painful but it can be liberating. Like a sailor that believes their course is straight all while their compass is off, AmeriKKKa is misguided in the belief that it is moving forward when it refuses to deal with the issue of racism.

From the battlefield of Gettysburg to the violence of Watts and now Ferguson, AmeriKKKa will continue to be stained with the blood of racial injustice until such time that it is confronted with words of truth, accountability, reconciliation that lead to true justice instead of the weapons of violence that are the shield of hatred, corrupt power and wilful ignorance.

There is no democracy while there is hypocrisy. There can be no peace without justice and there can be no justice when it's JUST-US!!