Remaining Silent On Employment Discrimination Hurts The African American Community

Quick Post - My Thoughts on Employment Discrimination - IT HURTS. Deeply. Financially, Psychologically and can even affect our physical well being. 

African Americans must take more of an active role in rooting out employment discrimination, especially since we are the most affected by it. I have been affected by it as well as many of the African Americans I know. The Federal Government can not do this alone. We have to be willing partners. It is our future at stake. It is our children's future and their children's future. Racial discrimination affects ALL African Americans across all backgrounds and educational levels. 

Most African Americans affected by employment discrimination simply remain silent and move on, choosing instead to accept a lower position at a firm than what we're qualified for or continue searching for an employer who will 'hopefully' give them a fair shot. 

Many navigate away from private employers choosing instead to find security working for the government or public establishments where the pay is generally much lower. 

It's no coincidence that African Americans are largely concentrated working in certain sectors. This is due largely to racial discrimination. 

We can't continue to remain SILENT. We are doing no one any favors when we remain silent but the employer himself. What do I have to do? Start a public campaign? If you believe you have been passed over because of your race or not hired because of your race FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE EEOC (Which stands for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). 

Let the EEOC investigate your concerns. They have the RESOURCES to fully investigate and log your complaint. When they get 'enough' complaints they TAKE ACTION. 

If they find, even with ONE COMPLAINT, that a violation has occurred of the Equal Employment Rights Laws, your complaint will be referred for settlement or prosecution. 

Racial Discrimination against African Americans is still prevalent in our society. We can not allow this to continue. 

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