Minneapolis Restaurant 'Bar Louie' Accused of Discriminatory Dress Code Policy Against Blacks

While Third World Countries are experiencing the real threat of racism, local patrons of a Minneapolis bar are worried that a dress code is targeting a specific race of people, attempting to keep them out of the business.

The new policy, openly posted for customers to see, bans a host of apparel on weekend nights.The sign reads:

No flat bill hats

No sleeveless under shirts

No excessively baggy clothing

No large chains worn outside of shirt

No long plain white t-shirts

No athletic apparel

No sports jersey unless collared


“Might as well just say, ‘No black folks allowed,’” local Michelle Horovitz said. ”It’s ridiculous.”

Others agreed that the new policy targets black people.

“If you do not want African-Americans to frequent your establishment, then maybe you should just say that and not just break it down to the dress code,” onlooker Imani Vincent told KMSP.

“Minnesota might be the nicest, healthiest, cleanest state in America, but we have huge issues as far as segregation, racism, systematic oppression — and people want to look the other way,” Horovitz said. “This is not okay, and we’re not going to patronize you if you don’t change your policy.”

While some took off with the theory of a hidden racist agenda, others recognized the hypocrisy of such an accusation.

One reader commented, “Some establishments have stricter dress codes than this: suit and tie, dresses, etc. Are black people incapable of dressing any way other than what’s against this dress code? I’ve seen plenty of white people dress this way by the way and they look just as ridiculous (this coming from a 22-year old).”

Another posted, “It’s actually the complete opposite of racism. The owner has noticed that all of the people that cause problems in his establishment dress a certain way (not race). He has just banned the uniform of trouble makers. If anyone sees a stereotype hidden in there maybe you have the issue. All races and ethnicities are welcome, they just have to leave their trouble maker uniform at home.”

It seems that those accusing the establishment of racial discrimination don’t realize they’re putting all black people in a box – a very, badly dressed box.