WELCOME TO TEXAS - Land of Cheats, Crooks And Charlatans

Today I came across the blog http://progressiveslogans.blogspot.com/2011/08/10-reasons-texas-sucks.html and was amazed that everything this guy is saying is SPOT ON. lol!!!! He called it! 

Texas does indeed SUCK! 

But one of the main reasons it sucks so bad is not just the heat and bad roads and low, LOW, LOOOOW wage jobs but the charlatans he mentioned in his below post. I do agree with that. Texas is FULL of Charlatans who move into this state and start businesses and spend every waking hour thinking of more ways to cheat their own employees. I have never seen such cut throat business people in my life. These guys are the most underhanded, unethical business people EVER.

I have had to file wage claims against employers just to be paid, I have seen employers come up with all sorts of sophisticated, dirty, super sneaky ways to nickel and dime their own workers, cheat the tax code by flipping their workers, and by lying effortlessly to the unemployment office about why folks were let go just to keep their unemployment taxes down.

Even the major employers out in Texas have gotten into the habit of permanently hiring temp agencies to staff half their operations. They are too damn cheap to offer benefits and want the luxury of firing their staff immediately without having to worry about unemployment. We all know the temp agencies are notorious liars and they have all outsourced their unemployment claims handling to out of state law offices who do nothing but fight claims.

Texas does indeed SUCK and I can't wait to get the HELL OUT OF THIS STATE.

My friend just moved to Denver, Colorado and wasn't in Denver a week before he found a company hiring ON THE SPOT starting at $14.50 per hour with FULL Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits. The "Old Fashioned" kind with no lifetime caps. Not this shit we have here in Texas with these popup insurance companies offering benefits at $100 a month premiums that only pay a maximum of $60 dollars per hospital visit regardless of what the bill is. 

So if you need to go to the emergency room and you run up a $5,000 dollar bill, all the insurance will pay is $60.00. LOL!!! You have GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!! I went to the doctor on my insurance plan and the nurse damn near fainted when she verified my benefits. She later told me she had never seen a company that paid so little and honestly neither had I. 

To those of you who have never heard of such a thing here in Texas (and most likely in other states as well I'm presuming) there are insurance companies that are popping up and targeting their business toward temporary staffing firms (as well as traditional companies) who want the benefit of offering a benefits package to their employees at bottom basement pay. These are not your "standard" insurance companies. One way they do this is by drastically cutting benefits. However, this model as I stated from my experience above is largely, again.. "Sigh".. Exploitative because workers are paying around $100.00 dollars per month and the daily "maximum" that the insurance company will cover is $60.00. Period. 

So in the end the insurance company makes a big profit off of measly benefits and the person ends up paying more for the policy than what they are getting in return. The insurance company my employer had used was WEB-TPA located in Grapevine, Texas. They boast on their website that they offer "self funded" employers the ability to offer benefits through "customization" of policies. This may be so but how on earth can anyone think charging folks $100.00 a month in premiums (taken out through their paychecks) and offering a daily total of only $60.00 towards all doctor visits and hospital stays (which can easily run in the many thousands) is a good deal for employees?  I had never heard of them until I was offered their insurance. But if you have the option of going with them I suggest you run in the opposite direction. Charities will cover more than their actual insurance plan will.

Needless to say I dropped their coverage. It was offered by my employer but for a $60 dollar daily maximum that they paid it wasn't worth it. I could simply keep my money in my pocket and pay in cash.

I also had an employer who was cheating workers in a very unconventional, creative way by setting up a third party admin to handle all retirement benefits (which they automatically enrolled employees in without a choice) and then when a person would cash out or transfer their benefits to a new company, this "third party admin" set up by the company would pay itself about 40% of what the person had in their account in "administration fees", on top of what they had to pay out in penalties if they withdrew early.

This way the company was profiting from this retirement fund. ING, the retirement fund my company used stated that they had allowed the company to "customize" the way they wanted the funds administered and had allowed the company to set itself up as a third party administrator and even admitted to me the way the company had did this was very unusual. 

The state of Texas thought so too as they put a stop to it and called it WAGE THEFT. The company was rerouting in a backdoor way the earnings of employees back to the company through this "third party administration" account.

Well, I tell you!

Anyhow this state SUCKS.  In a little I will be moving and GOOD RIDDANCE.

Enjoy the post below! :-)

10+ Reasons Texas Sucks

• horrible weather --- unbearable heat & humidity 9 out of 12 months a yr, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the most violent thunderstorms anywhere

• george w bush --- 'nuff said

• worst schools in the country --- bad parents who raise stupid kids who go to shit schools that produce horrible SAT scores

• rick perry --- secessionist, neo-confederate, horses ass

• violence --- more guns per capita than anywhere else in the US, more people in prisons, more capital punishment... more murder than in either new york or massachusetts

• welfare state --- for all the talk of rugged individualism texas gets more in tax dollars than it shells out

• weird religion --- you thought california was #1, well think again... alleluia, amen

• obesity --- all that catfish, chicken fried steak, & luby's will catch up to ya... texas is a 300 lb kid that can't walk up a flight of stairs --- ranked in top 10

• poverty --- ranked in the top 10 states for people living in poverty

• anti-union --- rabid right to work state, claims it's an economic miracle, yet all it can show is a median income below the national average in spite of vast amounts of oil & gas

• crappy jobs --- the Texas economic miracle is all smoke and mirrors... the best jobs are government subsidized like the oil & gas industry, next comes government subsidized infrastructure work, and then the foreign corporations subsidized by their own governments and then re-subsidized by the state of Texas... everything else is just above minimum wage

• fees, fees, fees --- republicans can't say the T-word so they say "fees" instead...  count 'em and you'd be better off living in illinois

• endless driving --- at least in california there's some place worth going

• charlatans ---  "quack" is a texas cottage industry... if it's a scam then it's probably licensed here

• racist ---  just sit down and talk with the local rednecks

• cheaply made housing --- if you're rich all is well... if you aren't don't expect much much more than some dry wall, plywood, & plaster - better off just getting a trailer

• water --- great if you like the taste of chlorine & sulphur

• bad losers --- it's always someone else, usually yankees or the federal government

• quality of life --- rated one of the worst in the nation, that's why I left

• angry old white men --- texas has more of these than you can shake a stick at

• rocks, snakes, & scorpions --- almost as many as angry old white men