Wingspan Portfolio Advisors & White Privilege

Per Tim Wise, there is no such thing as White "Oppression" and that white "oppression" is actually about white racial resentment and white anxiety when one considers the following:

  1. A White household "on average" has a typical net worth of $100,000 MORE than the typical black household or the typical Hispanic household
     2. According to the Labor Department white males approximately 30 years of age or more are earning 1/3          MORE than black men 60 years of age and above and nearing retirement

     3. White Families have 20 TIMES the net worth than the typical black family and 18 TIMES the net 
         worth than the typical Hispanic Family

     4. White people with college degrees are about as HALF as likely to be out of work. Latinos with 
         college degrees are about 50% more likely, and Asian Americans are about 1/3 More likely as 
         comparable whites with degrees to be out of work

"The "Power Structure" is still very much skewed in favor of whites as it always have been."

     5. According to the University of Chicago and MIT a few years ago job applicants with white sounding 
         names were 50% more likely to get job callbacks than applicants with black sounding names, even 
         when all the qualifications were the same including job experience, education, same quality of 
         education, etc.

About Me:

After living and working in Dallas, TX as a college educated African American and seeing the racial privilege of white males as it relates to their experiences with corporate America I became interested in studying white racial privilege and how this privilege directly correlates to the higher unemployment numbers for blacks and other minorities.

My last corporate experience, working for a small mortgage upstart called Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, brought the aspect of white racial privilege up front and center in my life when I had to answer to white males with comparable experience and education as I. Yet these guys were Vice Presidents making more than four times my pay. I soon learned that there was a tremendous pay disparity at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors between the white employees and the black employees with the white employees being paid with the same experience starting off more than twice that of equally or better qualified minorities.

I also found that for promotions white males were overwhelmingly favored, even those with less education and experience than black employees. It brought it home to me just what an uphill battle we as black people face in corporate America. These companies, the guys who run them, the Human Resources and management  often don't want to pay black employees comparable to similar qualified white employees.

Why pay us LESS? For the same work? For MORE work actually?

This disparity in pay not only affects us but our families. Our entire quality of life. We can't buy homes, adequately provide for our children or engage in basic luxuries or recreational activities that white men so openly engage in such as vacations, etc.

This angers me. More needs to be done in this country to address the prevalence of discrimination in corporate America. When we as blacks have gone to college and obtained the degrees why turn around and pay us what you would pay a white guy with no degree. A white guy with a high school diploma? Actually, we aren't even making what these guys are making. We are STILL being paid LESS.

It's bullshit when these white guys come out and tell us that hard work in their companies pay off. It pays off is you are WHITE. If you are black, it "may" be enough to keep your job if that but I don't care how hard you work you won't move ahead in similar numbers as white employees.

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