How Black "Buffoonery" Online and Off Hurts All Black People; Excerpt from the Paula Deen Scandal

Today I was on YouTube looking at various videos black youtuber's had posted in regards to the Paula Deen controversy and I left feeling embarrassed for my race, and disappointed. There were black people left and right saying that using the word "Nigger" which has historically been used to malign and degrade and dehumanize blacks was ok. This is unbelievable. Whoever "Willie Lynch" was (if he was indeed a real person) and whoever created the Jim Crow system should be thanked by every white racist out there because years of psychological conditioning have really destroyed the mindset and mentality of many blacks.

We have started to PERSONIFY the stereotypes these white supremacists have of us.

Only black men make the news for having multiple children by multiple women when they aren't married, are unemployed, financially destitute.. yet they have found the need to impregnate multiple women leaving their children on the tax payer's dime..

I reference a recent news article I came by which had this as its heading:

'I just love women': Deadbeat dad to 22 children by 14 moms says he is proud his legacy will live on... but he leaves the state to pay out $7,000 a MONTH to support them

This story was in the Daily News in the United Kingdom! All the way across the ocean and I'm sure the Brits were as shocked as we are in the U.S. at how this guy could have done this thing.. And when approached and confronted his reply was "Well, you can't hate a man for Loving women".. Unbelievable!

Orlando Shaw, Father of 22 Children By 14 different women

Judging by the pictures below.. he seemed to love the attention he was getting..


This is just one horrid example of why I am almost afraid to turn on the television, radio or get on the internet. I love my black people but we have got to do better. We don't demand fair wages and equal treatment of these white folks, we don't stick together when these white folks start to do their dirty shit and pit us against one another and we are very permissive, lack values, morals, any type of motivation to do things the right way and we embarrass ourselves in these videos.

When we condone this type of buffoonery, white folks lack the capability to differentiate one brother from the next. One sister from the next. It is a reflection on ALL OF US. And we wonder why we have advanced degrees and are driving Dart Buses making $13 bucks an hour while the white guy with the Bachelors is suddenly a Vice President. Might this have anything to do with that?

Jesus God Help Us.

And today YouTube is littered with videos by blacks taking up for Paula Deen, who openly called blacks "Niggers", stated she wanted blacks to play "SLAVES" at her wedding, and who openly referred to one of her black employees as her "Little Monkey" repeatedly. This woman also has allegations against her that she failed to promote blacks in equal numbers to the white employees, underpaid black employees and when one black employee complained to her husband "Bubba" he was informed "You don't have Civil Rights Here".

Now what black person in their right mind would condone that type of behavior?

Well, evidently plenty of them, including Paula Deen's pastor friend, a black man, has been trotted out to defend Paula and this ignorant ass negro even stated that a white person couldn't be racist for using the word "Nigger" as long as a racist act did not follow it (as in Mrs. Deen's case there were PLENTY of racist acts but he was clueless to this). When asked by the CNN Anchorman was he personally offended his response was "Well, she isn't racist because she gave my buddy some money to help start a business".


So he didn't care how she walked over and ABUSED every other black employee under her care as long as she hit his buddy off with some money?! The CNN Anchorman seemed to be as shocked as I was when I heard that response and he concluded the interview. Unless we stop being buffoons we will never get ANYWHERE. IF you haven't noticed these white folks STICK TOGETHER.

It's not difficult for white folks to trot out blacks who will go to bat for them no matter how racist they are. I'm sure Wingspan Portfolio Advisors has its black "tokens" it will trot out in any discrimination case. These folks for SELFISH REASONS could care LESS how every other black person gets treated so long as they get a back rub from the boss.


We need to stop. We really do.