Fort Bend Co. man lodges discrimination allegations against ex-employer; alleges employer promoted lesser qualified whites over him

HOUSTON – A Fort Bend County man is suing Woodlands Religious Community on allegations they fired him because of his race and age, recent court documents say.

Richmond resident Nolan Davis filed a lawsuit against the defendant, doing business as Interfaith of The Woodlands, in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas on June 17.

Davis, an African American, states the respondent “intentionally” discriminated against him by not affording him employment advancement while awarding promotions to non-black workers.

According to the original petition, it promoted two non-black men of lesser qualifications and experience than the plaintiff to the position of career office supervisor as well as elevated a non-black woman to that of staffing specialist.

When the complainant inquired about another position within the organization, the suit says, the defendant retaliated against him by terminating his employment.

The suit further claims WRC subjected Davis to ageism as the respondent moved to retain its younger workers.

He was 58 at the time of the events in question.

Davis says he has been unable to secure new employment and suffered high blood pressure.

A jury trial is requested.

Attorney Reginald E. McKamie of the Law Offices of Reginald E. McKamie Sr. PC in Houston is representing the plaintiff.

<We should all be proud as African Americans that more of us are starting to FIGHT BACK. This scenario is the story of my life. I have seen this often as an employer working in the South. However, racial prejudice is not only limited to the Southern U.S. It is found throughout the country. We should be proactive. Not Afraid. In confronting those powerful, wealthy, forces of injustice we may find ourselves beholden too. The fight we face is nothing compared to the fight that was waged by those who came before us.>

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