Black People & The Courts (Opinion)

The United States Supreme Court

I live in Texas and often when I hear about an African American filing suit over an alleged wrong, most often for racial discrimination or unequal access of some sort (which there is a LOT of here) I often hear whites on various blogs and comment sections moan and groan.

What are these people so upset about when black people decide to use the courts?

It is my belief most take issue with the fact black people are even able to access the courts. When you piss someone off enough they will most certainly explore their rights and look for redress. Here is my point - The very people who have benefited from unjust and oppressive systems in this country are the very people who take exception when the oppressed rise up to fight.

Racism is wrong. Discrimination is wrong. We cannot live peacefully in this country (or elsewhere) under a two-tiered system of economic advantage, opportunity and justice. There are those who feel the slightest gain by blacks take away from their historic "Access" to good jobs, a good education, and opportunity. I feel a sense of encouragement every time I read of a fellow African American using the court systems to address a wrong. These fights overtime add up to be beneficial to us all.

My take on the subject.

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