Check out the full Bank of America whistleblower details (affidavits)

In this story, I detailed the horrid schemes detailed by Bank of America whistleblowers that were used by the bank to mislead borrowers and boost foreclosures. To read the full details shared by the former employees, please click on the images below to read the affidavits in their entirety.

I sit here reading through these Exhibits and I simply shake my head. I've said all along that Bank of America fostered an atmosphere of fraud and illegality. I worked for Wingspan Portfolio Advisors in Carrollton, TX and I saw very unethical activity taking place. These people didn't care anything about helping people save their homes. We were told to LIE by Wingspan Portfolio Advisor managers directly under the leadership and with the expressed permission of Bank of America Senior Brass who were on site at the time walking around. 

Now I am not the only one. And these folks are continuing to get contracts and be rewarded left and right. This just shows me that Capitalism and Corporate America are totally corrupted. There is no innate sense of morality or fairness in these people. And to top it off they were racist as all get out to boot.

I shake my head. What more can I do? I've been vindicated.

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