African American Female Patience Carter Says Omar Mateen Wanted to Spare Black People

Patience Carter, 20 year old African American woman, injured in the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting by Omar Mateen. She said Omar Mateen said he wanted to 'spare black people' as 'black people had suffered enough already'

Worth noting..

20 year old African Female named Patience Carter, who was at the Pulse Club in Orlando, Florida in the early morning hours of the Omar Mateen Shooting said that the shooter mentioned he wanted to 'spare black people' and that 'black people had suffered enough already'. The statement was made right before the wall was blown out of the Restroom to let Police enter the club. It is reported that Omar Mateen called out asking were there African Americans in the room and when one African American replied in the Affirmative, the shooter put his weapon away and  made the statement. He began to shoot again when police entered the room.

Unfortunately African Americans, among many others, lost their lives in the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

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