White People, Screwed by Conservatives Are Angry And Now Blaming Blacks, Other Minorities

'Trickle Down Economic' Policies Do Not Work.

They have NEVER worked.

Why? Because studies show the rich overwhelmingly HOARD their wealth instead of reinvesting it. Or they OFFSHORE their wealth.

So no matter how easy we make life for the rich. How many tax breaks and 'special privileges' we give them, the fact is the rest of society does not see a benefit. ONLY THE RICH SEES THE BENEFIT.

And why do white people love to blame blacks and immigrants for their problems? They voted in DROVES for Conservatives who demonized blacks who demonized having 'job security' and who are trying to 'take job security' away by saying "oh the lazy benefits".

So when the votes were cast for the Republican Agenda (right to work laws, etc.) offshoring began. Conservatives made the American workforce vulnerable where no one had any job security. Yet people are expected to go out into society and finance homes and cars and start businesses as their wages were declining and their jobs were no longer secure. Many people saw their benefits erode.

So now the average skilled white guy, making a decent salary, is seeing his job be taken away by an equally skilled foreign born immigrant, who is willing to do the same job for less than HALF the pay.

Now there is a princeton study that shows white middle class americans are dying at disproportionately higher rates than all other groups. Wonder why this is? They have no one to blame but  themselves. They should look in the mirror if they want to find the person to fault. Their votes have brought this on.

Corporations are outsourcing more  American jobs now than at anytime in history. The white man is being edged out.

 "Blue collar work has become more scarce and less well-paying in the past 30-40 years. This has affected people of all races, but it's really hit white people with a high school diploma or less education. Black people and Latinos are used to having to scrape by on the bottom rung, so the ups and downs in this job market aren't really anything new for them, just a chitty situation getting chittier a bit more year after year. 

For whites who used to have "good jobs" working in manufacturing or other heavy industries (or even lighter stuff like paper/textiles) they have seen a tremendous decline in both opportunities and wages. They are seeing that, like the minorities many of them like to bash, they are all just rats on a sinking ship, and they are getting more stressed out and desperate. The "American Dream" has been yanked out from under them, like the tablecloth Peter Venkmann pulls out under the fine china in the ballroom in Ghostbusters. The elite are the single vase of flowers that remain upright and intact after every other item on the table has been toppled or smashed.This is hurting lower skilled white men the most. In turn they've become more racist and more hostile towards minorities when in fact it is corporate greed, backed by Republican votes, that are driving all of this. So now the poor bastards are offing themselves."

Maybe they should do what the jerks at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors have done. Get together and figure out how to push a bullshit service at banks for a hefty sum. But oh, that's right.Wingspan Portfolio Advisors has gone out of business. Gosh they fell hard.

But the execs that were, it has been rumored, pushed out have suddenly thrown up another company called Agility 360 located in Carrollton TX. This will continue, what in my estimation, is a con game. As Wingspan Portfolio Advisors was burning to the ground financially and losing corporate contracts left and right, culminating in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, it's former Executives Justin Belter, Jason Dickard,  Cesar Hernandez and Raj Sharma were quickly throwing together a new company with a fancy website and over the top language. This is how the game is played.

If you 'look the part' and have 'inroads into major companies' you can easily pass yourself off as an 'expert'. Even when your previous venture crashed and burned.

And unbelievably these so-called 'Execs' who steered the Golden Child of Dallas which was Wingspan Portfolio Advisors into an unrecoverable dramatic decline are now heralding their 'Executive Skills' and the folks over the Big banks they are partnering with did not dig into their background. They simply fell for their BULLSHIT. It must have been old' blue-eyed Justin Belter that did them in. Nordic features on a white guy guarantees him success. Even when he deserves to FAIL.

Now if you are black, and you try to get a clerical job at the company they will dig all through your background and go back seven years to check you out.. But as white men (mostly white men) in Dallas TX who can give themselves fancy titles and throw up a fancy website and borrow money from family and friends to rent out a posh little enclave in North Dallas, you can pull your bullshit off in spectacular fashion and no one will EVER question your qualifications. There will be no Seven Year Background checks. Even when your so-called 'executive' expertise caused your previous company to CRASH AND BURN.

The Double Standards Amazing...

Looks like those pitiful poor bastards killing themselves because they are white and struggling in America could learn a thing or two from these assholes at Agility 360 in Carrollton, TX.

The Video Below is Unlisted on Youtube and only Available by Link

A reading of General Bert Stubblebine (US Army, Ret.) blog entry regarding the astounding news that the 45 - 55 year old "white American male" cohort has lost its longevity advantage, and what that means to the rest of us.