Is The EEOC Perpetuating A Fraud Against Black Claimants?

I have heard news about how the EEOC has taken to summarily dismissing claims and complaints filed by African Americans and Africans alike. I don't know if this is true or not. However, I believe there may be some truth to these claims. There is a lot of racial discrimination still taking place in Corporate America against black people. Companies will often hire one qualified black person 'if they even hire one' and they shut the door against all others. I have lost so much faith in the fairness of America. Deep down I believe America will always be a racist country towards black people. I hate Hispanic and Asian friends who often tell me about the racist comments their employers openly make to them about blacks. One friend had a manager who openly bragged about never hiring black people. These white people complain when blacks are on welfare. Yet they brag on never hiring us. The EEOC is dropping the ball. It's needs to do more to stamp down on companies that openly discriminate against black people.

Also, living in Texas many companies that openly discriminate against black people use Temporary Staffing Agencies, staffed by all non blacks, who openly discriminate. The companies actually tell them to not send them any black people. How do I know? I have two friends who work at staffing agencies and they have admitted this to me.They refuse to tell me the agency they work for because they know I will file complaints.


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