Texas Exalts and Promotes Its Poor White Trash: A Closer Look At 'Affluenza' Teen Ethan Couch's Parents

Texas exalts and promotes its poor white trash.
I live in Texas and I've never seen so many white people who fit the definition of 'poor white trash' being in such high positions. Texans can't tell the difference between poor white trash and cultured, educated white people. Sad.

With that being said I've seen the pics of Fred Couch and his wife in their younger days. They were very rough around the edges. Not the corporate type at all. They personified 'poor white backwater trash'. So how the fuck can a white man with seemingly nothing suddenly make himself into a successful business owner in a State like Texas? Well, simply because white men prefer doing business with other white men. They will give a white man a chance they would never give a black or hispanic man. In 'chance' I mean CONTRACT. 

I've long noticed this. Imagine being a black man in Texas and starting your own business. You seek to contract with others. You will find that 99.9% of the people who are in the positions to determine if you will get the contract or not are white men. Many of them don't take nicely to doing business with blacks. They are use to black people and hispanics being their maids, butlers, car cleaners, lawn people, etc. They take one look at you and poof... over 90% of your potential opportunities vanish.

A 'WHITE MAN' doesn't have this problem. So its fairly easy for a downtrodden uneducated white man in Texas to scrub himself clean and make out to be a businessman and garner business. Way easier than it would be for a black or hispanic man.