Was Virginia Shooter Bryce Williams The Victim of Racist Workplace Bullying? Alison Parker, Adam Ward Both Come From Racist, KKK Infested Parts of Virginia

Do we come to work with a chip on our shoulder? No. The bags of chips are at work and they just open it up and eventually dump it over our heads. It doesn't matter what we do. We can be the most buck dancing token coon at the workplace. Eventually someone, or a clique is gonna test us to try to get a reaction. They do this knowing that if we react, we will get fired. Anything we do to defend ourselves from workplace bullying alienates us. And there is no legal recourse for workplace bullying. Bullying co-workers on the job is completely legal. 

Above all, you can't win for losing with white people anywhere. You are scorned for being a failure, slighted for being successful and scorned for being more successful than them.

Virginia Shooter Bryce Williams didn't have a chip on his shoulder because if he did he would have gone to the station and shot it up. This was personal. I'm also not surprised the station would say this about him which is typical. Have we ever heard of white mass shooter having a chip on their shoulders when they shoot up schools, movie theaters and churches? No we don't. This is the MO of these people when it comes to their wrong doings to people of color. 

What is the number one thing they say to people of color when they treat us like crap? Get over it. It would be to easy for me to do what they did to him by saying what they said about him, like the fact Alison Parker comes from Martinsville Virginia which has a large population of KKK members and is the headquarters for the KKK and Adam Ward is from Salem Virginia which is also a racist part of Virginia. They're a product of their environment.... But hey, I digress....

Alison Parker, Adam  Ward Murdered by Bryce Williams Over Purported Racial Comments
He got educated just to be discriminated, and they let it all happen. 
Getting fired probably drove him to insanity.

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