More Minorities Earning Computer Science Degrees But White Firms Are Refusing To Hire Them

Tech Companies Are Refusing to Hire Blacks, Hispanics
It is no surprise that Silicon Valley, and the tech industry overall, is lacking diversity. The ongoing excuse: there are not enough skilled Black and Hispanic applicants. However, a new study proves that to be false.

According to data complied by the Computing Research Association, last year 4.5 percent of all new recipients of bachelor’s degrees in computer science or computer engineering from top-ranking universities were African-American and 6.5 percent of new recipients were Hispanic. In 2012, a survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics showed that Blacks and Hispanics each made up nearly 9 percent of computer science graduates.

But after reviewing an annual Taulbee Survey, which includes 179 American and Canadian universities that offer doctorates in computer science and computer engineering, USA Today found only two percent of Blacks and three percent of Hispanics are currently employed at these tech industries.

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