Lowe's Pulled Black Delivery Driver After White Customer Said "No Blacks Allowed In Our Home"

My 2 Cents: This story made me sad. It's racist. However, I now understand that some people have an illogical 'fear' of black people. I've met them. They've told me so. They accept me, however, I've been told many blacks 'frighten them'. The media has a large part to do with this. They run countless news stories about crime and blacks because it increases ratings. 

Blacks are rating boosters for all the wrong reasons. 

A black man creating a multi billion dollar company doesn't make for much of a headline. 

Two black men accused of raping a teenage white woman will pull far more views. America still is a very racist country and people use the media to justify their racism. 

They use whatever they can find to justify their racism. And more and more businesses, out of fear of losing customers, are simply finding ways to accommodate white customer's racist requests. From Hospitals to Schools, Administrators are hearing "Parents/Residents do not want blacks near them, teaching their children, operating on them or providing nursing care" and these institutions are complying... that is.. until they get caught or their black employees complain. No facility should honor a racist request. They should turn the person away. Lowe's backtracked and fired the manager because the media caught wind of this story.

Lowe's Pulled Black Delivery Driver After White Customer Said "No Blacks Allowed In Our Home"

Black Lowe’s delivery driver in Virginia says a customer canceled a delivery because of his race, and to make matters worse, his employer went along with the request.

Marcus Bradley, who has been with the company for eleven years, says the customer called his employer to refuse delivery.

“Then I got a phone call on the phone telling me to bring the delivery back. Saying that I couldn’t do the delivery,” said Bradley, according to ABC 13. “I asked him why I couldn’t do it and he said because you’re black and they don’t want you at the house.”

Bradley claims the customer requested that he be replaced with a non-black delivery driver.

Alex Brooks, another delivery driver who was with Bradley during the delivery, said it was uncalled for.

“To me, it just ain’t right for a business that we work at to go on with the woman’s wishes,” said Brooks.

Also, Brooks claims that Bradley was replaced by a white driver, then the delivery was sent out again...

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