Apartheid America : Legalized Discrimination through Mass Incarceration

In 2015, it is socially unacceptable to say, "I hate black people." The public crucifixions of social giants such as Donald Sterling, Paula Dean and most recently, Hulk Hogan prove this to be true.

It is O.K., on the other hand, to say "I hate criminals." As a matter of fact, we are encouraged to do so. As a society we are taught to scold, ostracize and dehumanize those shackled by our criminal justice system. We as a nation are taught to hate criminals. This is seen through the denial of ones child to play with the kid of a felon, or the public shame of speaking about a family member who has been captured by jailers,.

Today, sadly, the terms "black" and "criminal" have become synonymous. Two terms that can be used almost interchangeably when discussing individuals who are denied the rights of human decency.

Whether intentional or not, the American criminal justice system has been used to create a new racial caste system, a phrase used to describe a stigmatized racial group locked into an inferior position by law and custom.,,,