The Search For Free and Equal: A Journey Through Slavery In America Documentary


Documentary that examines the transatlantic slave trade which took place across the Atlantic Ocean from the 16th through to the 19th centuries. The transatlantic slave trade was responsible for one of the largest forced human migrations in record history.


The story of the American Revolution as traditionally recounted is the saga of the thirteen colonies fighting their colonial ruler Britain for independence. An equally compelling part of the story is the personal, religious, and legal challenges of African Americans of this period and their allies to slavery. The spirit of liberty and the disruptions of the Revolutionary era encouraged African American men and women to choose sides -- both Patriot and Loyalist -- and fight to define what this nation would become.


Freedmen and fugitive slaves push the country to live up to the promises made in its Constitution but with the invention of the cotton gin, slavery expands into America's western frontier.


As tensions over slavery turn into violence, Americans are forced to consider how long the country can continue as a democracy built on the profits of bondage.

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