Why Are White Women Still A Form of Kryptonite For Black Men, And How Does This Affect The Self Image Of Black Women?

Black Men Prefer White Women Because White 

Women Are EASY and ACCESSIBLE, Especially 
To Black Men With MONEY. If I look at a black woman she asks
"What are you looking at?". If I look at a WHITE WOMAN, 
she asks "What do you WANT?". HUGE DIFFERENCE.

And Race ALWAYS supercedes CLASS. 
Tiger Woods married a NANNY. When was 
the last time you saw a rich and powerful white
 woman marry a poor black man? 
Yeah.. I can't think of a time EITHER. 
 "For nearly 400 years a black man in America was hung or at the very least suffered some kind of brutal treatment for simply flirting with a white woman. Our history as black people in America is full of accounts of incidents like Emmett Till out of Vandora, Mississippi and Ricky Nelson out of Lafayette, Indiana who was killed for whistling at a white woman.

The white woman was protected at all costs by the white racist supremacist system. She was married to be a symbol of "Death" for the black man if encroached. today, under the social system of integration, approximately 75% of NBA millionaire basketball players, and 72% of NFL millionaire football players are married to white women. Even though many of them come out of poor black communities and were nurtured by strong  black women.

This holds true for a disproportionate number of seemingly financially successful black men in other sports and areas including but not limited to actors, judges, lawyers, doctors, musicians, engineers, etc. Under the present system of integration, is this progress?

Or is this evidence that the white woman is still a form of Kryptonite for the black man?

The question is.. what potential psychological impact does this have on the image for the black woman and black motherhood? What is the potential economic adverse impact on the black family collectively and the black business community in general?

<-- Lawrence and Philippa Okoye