The Utter Lunacy Of Those Who Believe In Aliens

We have more to fear from each other and our government..

Than some big headed creatures from outer space.  

I stopped believing in things that seemed sketchy when I learn how to read and research and over the years I learned the differences between fact & fiction.

I dont know if aliens are real but truthfully it wouldn't mean much to me if they were because they're not doing anything besides watching and if they are a threat to humanity so what it isn't like humanity isn't a threat to itself.

I personally understand the alien phenomenon to be nothing more then a distraction created by people in powerful positions for the purpose of keeping society preoccupied with more things that are unimportant the same as religions and big foot stories.

My point is there are more important things then if aliens exist that needs attention and those things could be fixed if we put more of our focus on them instead of aliens and religious stories and big foot.

Real change starts when we start to make real changes seriously wake-up.