Racism Takes Willful Participation From Blacks

The word pride means: a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements and the achievements of others in association.

Having to much pride is ridiculous being that you were not born to be subservient to anyone period and if you believe there is a such thing as having to much pride you need a psychological evaluation.

It isn't racism when other racial groups pay you to humiliate yourself and your race its called individual stupidity because you have the right to reject the offer, so if you accept to do what they pay you to do you shouldn't cry afterwards. 

To sellout black people doesn't cost much now days because some black people think extremely little about themselves and their race that selling out their race doesn't really hold importance to them.

There are some within the black community who share the attitude that money is the only thing that matters and these people will do absolutely anything for money and because of the attitude of those black people the black race isn't respected by other racial groups.

It isn't what others suggest that is the problem it is what you agree to that is the problem always. 

It's debatable why some black people hold feelings of racial inferiority but at the root of that debate is the reality that regardless of personal beliefs it is an individuals choice to do things are not to do them.

To be ordered to kill someone with a gun takes first the ordered person to aim such gun then to make the decision of pulling its trigger yet little attention is given to the fact that the person being ordered made a choice to be in the position to be given that order in the first place.

Racism takes the willful participation of people both the racist and nonracist must reach an agreement of participation.

If someone is making an action that isnt met with the an equal counteraction that person making the action will continue to make more actions, so if the actions of the racist isn't met with equal actions the racist actions will be perceived as justifiable to the racist.

When black people stop allowing racist people to do things that are destroying their race and stop holding to passive counteractions and selling their people out for money and prestige within this racist society racism will no longer continue to be a problem. 

Its time out for passive defense and time for action offense because to make constant complaints to a racist system about racist practices is completely foolishness.

If the black race doesn't learn to stop selling out our race and laboring and giving their money to members outside of their racial group then racial pride will never become a reality and disrespect by other racial groups will continue.

Respect isn't gained from disrespecting ourselves by allowing others to do whatever they want to do to our people, it is time to stand up and rebuild ourselves and by doing so we rebuild our respect.

This nation is racist so when we allow this nation to do whatever it wants with out consequence it will continue and 100 years from now some other black man will be writing these same words.

Having pride is something that we should be teaching our children to have more of and not something that we should be teaching them to have less because it is important for them to know not to allow other people to humiliate them for money and prestige.