Homewood Alabama Police Racially Profile, Assault Black Motorists

Meet Randall Anderson, he and the gentleman Mercutio Terrell Southall Sr (shown being tasered by police). were just released from Homewood, Alabama Jail. Please let him know what they did wrong... They were literally 5 feet from HIS car trying to leave. He was headed to his motorcycle to leave and was stopped by a man who would not identify himself, who than asked for him to be arrested. It happened really fast. 

Seems so unreal. He had a heavy back pack and obviously had a difficult time to put his hands behind his back, and this gave cause for an immediate request to taser him. Why did they beat this man like that?!?! "by Keith Kuder".

This was shameful a slap in the face to every Cop doing right. With everything going on, Cops trying to show that some do care and the New York funeral-this is a slap in the face to all Law enforcement. Good cops have to stand up against wrong cops or nothing will change.