Federal Lawsuit Alleges Black Bus Driver At Jewish School Called "Monkey" and "Blackie"

Black Bus Driver Called Monkey, and Blackie At Ultra Orthodox Jewish School
In a federal lawsuit, the only African-American school bus driver at a Jewish school says he was regularly taunted with racial slurs like “monkey” and “blackie”.

Willis Baker was an employee of United Talmudical Academy of Boro Park Inc. in New York from July to December 2014, the Raw Story Story reported. Baker alleges that the man who hired him, Yanke Schaefer, called him his “monkey friend” in front of other people.

“I just thought to myself, I really got myself into one hell of a pickle here,” Baker said, describing his reaction to the racially inflammatory remark. Baker says when he complained about the remark, he was told to “shut up and appreciate that he had a job in the first place.”

Baker alleges Schaefer’s remark wasn’t his only interaction with racism.

Baker, 56, also claimed that he was called “monkey,” “blackie” and “stupid” while students were throwing things at him as he was driving the school bus, and no teachers intervened.

Alexander M. Dudelson, Baker’s lawyer, confirms that he is suing the United Talmudical Academy for $2 million dollars in damages...

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